Ways to wear Solid combination for men

There are various combinations of colors to wear, but the solid combination for men offers the best look of them all. Solid color means having the same color all over. Also, the solid dress gives you a sharp personality.
Make sure the hue looks fantastic against the tone of your skin and hair.  Moreover, the Solid color combinations show the wearer’s mood.  For this, Pastels and  Neutrals are the modern choices whereas the dark shades give a stylish and classy look. Also, it depends upon the outfit category like casual, formals, or ethnic.
In addition, don’t forget to complete the look with the same colored or textured footwear or jewelry. Such statement pieces are an oomph to the outfit.
Let’s groove through the various categories to wear a solid combination for men.

Types of Solid Dress for Men

You will find a Solid combination for men in any category of outfits. From Shirt-pant to Kurta-Pajama you’ll get an exclusive variety of solid combinations for men.

Formal wear – Best way to wear Solid

formal wear for men
Formal wear for men

There is nothing like formal attire for men. Moreover, the solid combination of men in Formalwear looks chic in the workplace. Mostly, men prefer to wear shirts and pants in the office. Also, Coat suits are a basic requirement in some countries.

Matching dress shirts and pants

formal shirt and pants in solid combination for men
Formal shirt and pants in solid combination for men

A dress color combination for men shows the overall personality of a person. Moreover, balance the shades or tones when combining a pair of shirts and pants. You can try for the monochromatic look for the office premise.

In this, you can try the same shades or tones and not only the same hues. For instance, you can go with black and grey, white and off-white, or any color shades or tone which comes nearer in the color wheel.

Coat Suits are in matching color

coat suit solid dress colour combination for man
Coat suit solid dress color combination for a man

A coat suit is the finest formal attire for men. Men’s coat suits are the wardrobe staple. Often, the variables that pay attention to the fine tailoring and the color combination to find a great men’s suit. Apart from all, the Solid color of the coat and pants with contrast Shirts gives the subtle look to the wearer.

A solid Tuxedo is the finest formal wear

tuxedo in solid combination
Tuxedo in solid combination

Like Coat Suits, Tuxedo is one of the finest formal attire for men. In this three-piece style, the vest, coat, and pants usually are in the same color. For this, you can opt for the stripes, checks, and textured fabric that gives the manly look.  This outfit can be worn at parties and events also.

Casual wear –  Looks fantastic in a Solid combination

casual wear for men
Casual wear for men

Classy casual outfits for guys can be defined in many outfits. Casual shirts like half sleeves, tiny prints, or a fancy shirt come under casual wear. Like this, the neutrals or basic colored cotton pants or shorts are the highly demanding casual outfits. These types of solid casuals are best for outings, offices, or for casual meetings.

Solid Shirt and Jeans/Pants for men

solid jeans for men
Solid jeans for men

Stylish and comfortable, this pant-shirt makes for a well-dressed chic man. Pairing a solid shirt with solid Jeans or pants is the trendiest style nowadays. Here, you can play with similar shades and tones also. It is fancy enough to be a dapper on a date. Moreover, no other casual outfits can achieve what these Shirt-pants can!

Simple tee or with Shorts

shorts and olo t shirt solid combination for men
Shorts and polo t-shirt solid combination for men

Shorts and tee in solid colors are the most casual,  cool, laid back yet super chic naturally a favorite choice for outings. Also, it is the best comfortable outfit that looks trendy and stylish at the same time. Such a simple and solid combination for men will take you up a notch.

T-shirt and Jeans/ pants in Solid style

jeans and tee of solid combination
Jeans and tee of a solid combination

T-shirts and Jeans are Highly worn outfits by men in the world. Also, this fashion for men runs through the years and never goes out of trend. The solid combination of jeans and t-shirts not only looks smart but stylish at the same time.

Ethnic wear- Trendy combination for Men

ethnic wear
ethnic wear

There are a plethora of designs in Men’s Ethnic wear. In India, in particular, there are so many weddings and festivals that take place over the years. For this, men can flaunt these occasions by wearing Solid Ethnic attire. Below are some Indian Ethnic wear types.

Kurta pajama – Super comfortable Outfit for men

solid kurta pajama
Solid kurta pajama

When it comes to the special rituals, the Kurta pajama in solid combination comes to mind first. I think every Indian man has at least one or two pairs of Kurta pajamas. Nowadays, the pastel colors are in trend so the top and bottom look nice in solid pastel colors.

Pathani suits- Always look magnificent in solids

pathanis solid combination for men
Pathanis solid combination for men

The Pathani suits Traditionally comprised of a knee-long Kurta and the baggy bottom is known as Salwar.  Basically, Pathanis looks awesome when it is in a solid color combination. Also, this quirky Pathani suit is the favorite choice of men for Eid, Diwali, and many more Festivals.

Waistcoat sets- Lots of varieties of Ethnic wear

solid waistcoat set
Solid waistcoat set

For the last four years, the Waistcoat sets are considered the best Ethnic wear for men. However, the contrasting colors of the waistcoat and kurta pajama are so much in trend, the Solid waistcoat sets are as popular. Men can opt for the same colored waistcoat but in a different texture or prints than the Kurta pajama.

Sherwani – Solid Sherwanis looks classy all-time

sherwani for men
sherwani for men

With wedding season in full swing, Sherwanis are the men’s statement outfits for weddings. Though there are so many color options available in the market, the solid Sherwani looks classy all the time. White, Golden, Maroons, Green, Blue, and Pastels are the most trendy colors. Apart from this, you can try matching Turbans, Juttis, or stoles with the Sherwani to enhance the look.

Indowestern-  Modern way to wear Ethnic

indo western style in solid color for men
Indo western style in a solid color for men

If you’re getting bored wearing typical ethnic wear, this is the modern way to opt for this style. Also, the Solid Indowestern style becomes a popular trend among guys. Here, you can wear the contrast stole with a solid combination of Indowestern wear. Moreover, different styles of cuts and patterns make this an Indowestern style. There are Asymmetric style, draped style, pleated style, Jacket style, and a lot more.

Now you’re going to know how much trend there’s for men about the Solid combination. 
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