How to Re-Use Old Indian Jewellery Into New – Indian Jewellery Hacks & Tips

Indian Jewelry has its own unique elegance in the fashion world. We, ladies, are fond of jewelry, glitters and shinning of it, make our look and outfits complete. We are always passionate about following the latest jewelry designs. Our Jewelry Box always full of pendants, rings, bracelets, Choker, Matha patti, etc. But after a certain time to wear we dislike it and our jewelry box becomes a graveyard of expensive Jewelry, So here we provide certain tips to converting old jewelry to new by making them a part of beautiful items.

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Some times our jewelry designs simply went out of the trend, or many of us receive as gifts which didn’t suit our personality. Perhaps some jewelry we afford to buy once like bridal or heavy jewelry designs for weddings.  No worry open your jewelry box and take out all jewelry, try to make old jewelry into new by watching our Video on How to Re-Use Old Indian Jewelry Into New.

Below are some summarized tips on using old jewelry to make new jewelry.

  • Use your old earrings and chain to make Matha Pati.
  • By using your favorite earrings as Passa or Side Jumper.
  • Bracelet as a beautiful neckpiece.
  • If you have allergies with a certain type of metal, still how you can wear it.
  • You can merge to earrings and make them in a new design.

So to know more hacks watch our suggested video on creating new jewelry from old jewelry and you can wear the same jewelry in different styles in festive and wedding. Even no-one can get the idea that you convert old jewelry to new. 

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