7 Unique Styles of Saree Draping That Everyone Can Try

Unique styles of saree draping have become incredibly popular nowadays. From parties and weddings to college and school saree days, there’s a perfect saree style for every lady. Regardless of age, women choose to drape a saree for nearly any occasion, making saree draping a timeless trend to follow.

It’s truly amazing to witness the Indian Sari versatility and its widespread appreciation among women everywhere. Join us as we explore the latest modern saree draping styles designed to enhance your appearance and make a statement.

The Stunning 7 Different Modern Saree Draping Styles

Adding your personal style to your different saree styles is what will make your own style statement. It’s not about getting the drape right, it’s about draping a saree in a chic and modern or stylish appearance. Unique styles of saree draping in the regular way or with some outfits making it look a bit more stylish.

Add a belt to an Indian Sari for modern saree look

Saree pairing with belts has been a style statement for several years, and it’s showing no signs of fading away. Consider investing in chic metal or broad leather belts to elevate your saree game. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional South Indian wedding saree look or a glamorous party outfit inspired by icons like Shilpa Shetty, this trend adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

saree styles with belt
Saree with belt

There are numerous ways to add a belt to a saree. Let your own style evolve and try different ways. Even a pure linen saree with a belt or a cotton saree with a belt will add a stylish look than compared to wearing it without a belt.

The unique saree draping styles with Palazzo

Drape your saree over Palazzo pants and not petticoat. This is a very edgy look and works well for women who fancy classy styles. Choosing your Palazzo pants in color, style, and broadness will make the saree look different.

Drape a flowy saree for a party wear look. Or wear a Half Pant saree on Palazzo for a Formal Office look. The sari here can be cotton or cotton silk too.


saree with a palazzo, how to drape sari on palazzo
Saree Draping with Palazzo

Dhoti Style Saree Draping

Try the ever-loving dhoti saree! Wear your saree in a Half saree Drape over dhoti pants. Or simply wear a dhoti style saree drape over your leggings to give it that dhoti saree look.

It’s simple and there have been so many ways to wear this looks. Pair a chic and fancy blouse or choose a saree fabric that makes a statement.

dhoti style saree drape
Saree Draping with Dhoti

Saree draping on Lehenga Choli

This is one style that as evolved over the traditional south Indian wedding looks to today’s modern bride looks. Wearing your heavy silk sarees over your lehengas.

There are again multiple ways to drape the sari over the lehenga. We also know that it’s not a style that can make the least style appearance and it’s never too late to try this unique saree style.

wearing saree with lehenga
Saree draping on Lehenga Choli
banarasi saree styles, saree wearing for banarasi saree
G3+ Banarasi saree

Bengali Style Saree in Modern Drape

Another traditional saree style, this one is from West Bengal. We love how the women dress their cultural drape with a red border white saree for Puja and weddings.

Here are more ways to wear the Bengali style saree which gives a modern twist to the look.

saree with kurti
Saree with Kurti


We recently made a video of a Silk Saree Cowl Drape like a Bengali Style Saree Look. It’s easy to do without the basic Bengali drape it’s easier to achieve this look.

Watch the tutorial of Silk saree draping in Modern Bengali Style Saree below.

Saree wearing with Kurta / Top

This is what women could do easily to match their own style. If you love wearing casual shirts, try your saree with one. Add a Sheer fancy shirt blouse to your party saree.

Or if you wear Designer kurtas, it’s easy to achieve a saree with kurti drape look. Every style of your own choice can be paired until it still looks harmonizing.

fancy saree with tops
Saree with a top

Go for modern saree styles of Jacket with Sari

Not just winter wedding is a time to wear your jacket over your saree, even for a fashion saree look, pair your jacket up. There are no guidelines on choosing jackets for your saree.

A well-cut blazer over your sari or a chopped denim jacket will still work wonders.

jacket saree looks
Jacket with Sari


How about adding a waistcoat jacket in Indian embroidery to your Sari? It’s on how you keep your saree look from simple to stylish. And to add elegance, add a long cape jacket to your saree with the same theme design.

Half Saree Look with two Sarees or Dupatta

And you will love this one, pair your saree with Dupatta. Take any dupatta from velvet dupatta, pashmina stole, or silk dupattas to get a new look with your sarees.

It gives you a double pallu look, a half saree look to simply adds quirkiness to a regular saree drape. We have written on how to style dupatta with saree in 3 ways for easy saree draping looks to try out.

SAREE with DUPATTA Draping Styles
Saree with dupatta

See Blog – How to Style Dupatta with Sari – 3 New Modern Saree Draping Styles with Dupatta draping.

As I said, a sari can never be limited to styling ideas. You can also drape a saree like a dress or a gown. Chopping a length of a saree to wear an Indo-western outfit or for a half, dhoti drape is also possible.

There are so many things a sari can be paired with to achieve a different look.