Saree Draping for Short Height Women – How to Choose Saree

Ever-evolving fashion trends have ushered in a dynamic era of clothing choices. From the timeless elegance of sarees to the influx of diverse Indian and Western outfits, the fashion landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Yet, amidst this sartorial evolution, a common misconception has persisted, affecting shorter women’s clothing choices—the notion that sarees are an unflattering option for those with shorter stature. It’s time to debunk this myth and empower women of all heights.

In this fashion-forward journey, we’ll unveil the secrets to wearing sarees confidently and stylishly, regardless of your height. Prepare to embrace the allure of sarees and discover how they can enhance your unique beauty

We share some tips on saree draping style for short height – How to Choose Saree

How to Drape Saree for Short Height Ladies – Video Tutorial

How to Select Saree for Short Height Girls

✔ Saree Fabrics to Choose

Select lighter fabric gives a taller effect as it wraps around the waist, like Chiffon, Georgette, silk, also look for Kanjivaram is known for its delicate.

Avoid broad borders it gives a shorter effect to your body. Try a saree that has a simpler border, preferably a thin one. A thin border saree will help amplify your height.

how to choose saree for short girls
Saree Fabrics to Choose

✔ Avoid Big Print or Motifs:

The saree must have small prints over it. So while shopping small print printed saree, remember to choose prints that are smaller as they flow better with the fabric and make you look leaner and taller, both. T

o look Seductive choose a saree in a solid dark color. Plain sarees with a warm color border will make you look beautiful. Ignore the Horizontal line in the saree, Vertical stripes on a Saree give a phantom of vertical height and give a tall look, But remember that the stripes are narrow or medium.

Vertical stripes on a Saree
Vertical stripes on a Saree

✔ How to choose saree Blouse

Buy a well-fitted readymade blouse to wear. Also, try to keep the length of your blouse medium, making you overall look more natural and less stuffy, try blouses with vertical stripes that look amazing, it creates a visual illusion and women seem taller.

Women can experiment with the blouses with Halter necks, boat-necks, and full sleeves are especially for women who are short, avoid wearing high-neck blouses.

How to choose saree Blouse
How to choose saree Blouse

✔ Saree Wearing Style For Short Height

The nivi style is the common style of draping saree. In fact, it has become one of the perfect ways to drape a saree. In some regions of India, it is also called the ‘Ulta pallu saree’. The best way to drape is the ‘nivi’ for short-height women, it will give you a classy look and give your figure a well proportionate look.

Saree Wearing Style For Short Height
Saree Wearing Style For Short Height

Try a slim fit petticoat or wear jeans underneath:

Flared petticoat makes you fat and shorty, always wear a slim-fit petticoat. It must be at ankle length so that your legs are invisible at all. The petticoat is fitted to your waist, so it can give you a perfect body shape. You can also wear jeans it gives you a curvy body shape, also helps to look slimmer and taller.

Pin Up:

While pleating your saree keep pleats small and fold neatly, use a Small and delicate pin to pin up, it gives a decent and sober look at the workplace and distracts the focus from the pin.


Overloaded Jewelry makes you shorter than you are, better to take a long neckpiece that can help amplify your frame, don’t add all a necklace, ring, earrings, and bangles all at once. Take lighter earrings and other accessories if you choose a heavy neckpiece.


As we all know, heels make you look taller, heels are a part of accessorizing, but heels have an essential prominence in adding size to your visual appeal, the right choice of heels will make you look classy.

Stilettos are a perfect choice with sarees, they are visible and take a shimmery touch to the whole look. Choose a golden/silver shimmer depending on your saree.

So above are some idea on Saree Draping for Short Height Women – How to Choose Saree

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