7 Different Ways to wear Half Saree like a Lehenga

Wearing the Lehenga saree style has been in trend for a long time now, but this year in 2021 the trends have only added more glam and fusion techniques to say smart saree draping skills to get a completely new look for a half saree or lehenga saree.

Today we have seen so many styles of lehenga saree styles and half saree styles and now is the time when the combination of both has been merged, simply wear a saree like a half saree with a lehenga or wear saree like a lehenga.

We have done some Saree draping tutorials on the Half saree styles, and we will add them down too. So follow some styles of a half saree with the step-by-step guide below.

Watch our video on How to Wear Traditional Saree on Lehenga

How to wear a Half Saree like a Lehenga Saree – 7 ways

Let’s imagine such a scenario where you have a lovely saree collecting dust in your closet. You’d like to wear it again, but you’ve already worn it to an occasion when all of your friends and family were there, and images of you were shared throughout all social media sites! So you’re hesitant to put it on again… Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

Don’t be concerned! Because a saree is adaptable and can be worn in a variety of ways. Because of the broad expanse of cloth, you have a lot of style possibilities. We’ve prepared a list of both well-known and lesser-known styles for repurposing your favorite saree.


Half Saree Style with a Lehenga – Style 1

Half Saree Style with a Lehenga
Half Saree Style with a Lehenga

The first look is this one which has been going on trending with Celebrities too now. We first did the saree draping style of Half saree with Lehenga on YouTube, and we had many people criticizing the look, but now only we have seen celebrities also take interest in this stylish look and have nailed it. So that simply means, we did create a very useful Half saree draping look.

Half Saree with Lehenga
Half Saree with Lehenga


Here’s the video to see how this style can be worn.

Half Saree Style – Saree like a Lehenga – Style 2

half saree styles
Saree like a Lehenga

The other style is how to wear a Saree like a Lehenga. This is also a Half saree as you are wearing the saree like a lehenga and shows two parts of it.

  • Wrap saree on the petticoat, by starting with the basic tuck on right to wrap once around.
  • Now from the right start making small pleats of 2 inches (5.08 cm) faced on the left side and tuck in the waistline.
  • Keep making pleats on the lengthwise section and tucking forward each time you pleat.
  • Do this until you reach the pallu and fold it and tuck inwards and tuck on the right side
  • This completes the whole saree, and you made a Lehenga out of the saree. Use a matching Dupatta to style the look lehenga a Lehenga choli.

Half Saree Style in Lehenga Choli Look – Style 3

saree draping like lehenga
Half Saree Style in Lehenga Choli Look

This style is the version of a half lehenga saree, where again you need only a saree to get the look and not a Lehenga.

  • Start draping the saree from right to left in one wrap-around and stop on the right side.
  • Take the saree and make small pleats again just like the one above.
  • But don’t make pleats at the back, just stop on the left side and from where the pallu border starts from,
  • take the pallu around from back to front and throw it over the right shoulder in open style or pleat it up and then throw it over the right shoulder to the front.

Half Saree Lehenga Saree – Style 4

half saree lehenga saree styles
Half Saree Lehenga Saree

This is another Lehenga Saree version from Style 3 but has a different look. This look will resemble a Lehenga and Dupatta worn like a saree. This style has existed for a long and many wore the lehenga choli in this style, but here’s how can do it with just one saree.

  • Do the same as the top style, but stop pleats at left and take about a foot of fabric, fold it over in a diagonal alignment, and tuck over the front waist covering the pleated tucks.
  • Then drape the remaining saree which is pallu, from back to front, making pleats for the shoulder.
  • Drape the on the front bodice to the left shoulder and secure with a pin.

To see How you can wear all the 3 styles given above (Style 2, 3, and 4) Watch the Video Tutorial from us Below.


Half Saree with Lehenga – Style 5

saree with lehenga,
Half Saree with Lehenga

Again this style is the Half Saree style which has gone very much trendy on the saree draping topic. For this style, you will need a lehenga, choli, and a saree to contrast the look of Half Saree.

  • Put on the lehenga and start making pleats on the Pallu section first, complete, and drape on the left shoulder.
  • Then take the pleats from left to right side across the front bodice neatly and tuck the inner border roughly in your right side waist.
  • Take the other end of your saree, which is the inner side end, and bring it in front of the left side.
  • Make about Pleats on the widthwise section for this, and tuck it to your center waistline. Pull out the same edge and drape from center till the left side waist and tuck in neatly.
  • This will give you the inverted V shape in front of the lehenga with the drape. Now come to the back where you will a loop of the saree.
  • Take the edge from the left side and make pleats. Spread the pleats step by step look at the back waist and tuck in the waistline.
  • Wear a Kammar bandh or waist belt chain over your saree to get the complete look

Here’s another way of wearing the drape, without the step-by-step pleats tucked in the back, and you can easily get it done. Watch the Video here to look at the draping style of Half saree.

Half Saree Style with Lehenga and Dupatta – Style 6

Half Saree Style with Lehenga and Dupatta
Half Saree Style with Lehenga and Dupatta

Now you can wear the Half saree look with a Lehenga and Dupatta, just like the old times, and the same way we know how to drape this, getting the triangular shape drape in front. But here’s how to get it with a different pallu look just to get a more modern look.

  • You will need the lehenga and dupatta in the same color, they can be made in the same fabric, or you can a different fabric in flowy types like a satin lehenga and georgette dupatta or net.
  • Drape the end of the dupatta, by the corner on the center waistline, tuck it in, and secure it with a safety pin. Now take the other end and bring it around from left to front side to right.
  • Drape the dupatta top border edge neatly around your waistline to the center and use a safety pin to secure it there.
  • Pick the pallu end of the open dupatta and make small pleats. Drape them on the left shoulder and use a pin to fix them.
  • Now use more pins to keep the pleats to stay together in a pile till the waist level.
  • That’s how you can wear the Half saree with Dupatta in a New Style.

Half Saree style with 2 Saree pallu – Style 7

Half Saree style with 2 Saree pallu
Half Saree style with 2 Saree pallu

This one is something that we came across and works for showing a look that suits fashion shoots or fashion shows, yet you may want to try it if you are comfortable. You can use a Silk saree or even light weights sarees.

  • You can use to drape it over a lehenga like in the picture above or suggested doing it neatly on a petticoat where the lehenga or petticoat won’t show from the steps we explain below.
  • Starting draping the first saree like a normal saree till the lower drape pleats and then stop at pleats on the waist.
  • Come to the pallu, make pleats and drape them over from back to front on the right shoulder like a Gujarati Saree drape or Sidhha Pallu Saree Style. Use a pin to secure them on the shoulder.
  • Now take the other saree and make pleats from the inner end, the pleats will face the right side. So the remaining saree will come out on the top of pleats from the right side. Tuck these in center waistline. Use a pin to secure them here.
  • Take the pallu and drape from right to left side. And make pallu pleats. Drape them on the left hand as shown, and secure them at intervals with pins to keep them piled. You can tuck the saree loose loop if any at the back, in a neat look at the back waist.

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How to Wear a Saree Like a Dupatta on a Lehenga

That’s right, you read correctly. You can also utilize a full saree as a dupatta by pleating it like a saree and tucking it in, as well as pleating the pallu. The pleated pallu can be draped over the saree like a dupatta or used to form a V shape. Especially if your pallu is elaborately embroidered or studded with stones, the pallu is a fantastic method to conclude your one-of-a-kind draping.

Saree Like a Dupatta on a Lehenga
Saree Like a Dupatta on a Lehenga

So now you know how to wear a lehenga like a saree without having to buy one. It may appear difficult at first, but once performed and grasped with both hands, it appears graceful and gives off fashion vibes that one would not expect. Don’t forget to provide your own take on the lehenga saree in the comments area.

We have given you many styles to wear a Half saree with a Lehenga and get the perfect look for a modern look. Let us know which look was your Favorite and which you would love to try.