Useful Style Tips for Mens Formal Wear & Business Casual

Mens formal Wear fashion has also evolved during the past decades, from basic styles to fashionable street styling concepts have introduced Business Casuals. There are basic tips to follow for formal wear for work whether it is styling a Formal Look or a Business Casual Look for Men,

Basic Difference between Men’s Formal Wear & Business Casual

  • Formal wear includes the basic rules of styling Simple and Clean Crisp looks for Workwear. NO Large Patterns or Prints and NO saturated Colors for your Formal Look.
  • Business Casuals are more comfortable and use a combination of Simple Casual outfits with Formals. Like pairing Chinos with a Shirt for example. Again you can choose prints but keep them subtle and tiny.

To know more about the difference Read Below Tips :

HOW to Style Men’s Formal or Business Casual Looks for Work

style for business casual
The difference between formal and business casual

Let’s Give you some Easy Tips to Style Men’s Workwear Looks in Two Different Categories of Style:

1) Shirts for Office

Men’s formal wear shirts will involve a Relaxed Fit and sometimes a slim fit works if you are wearing a waistcoat or blazer and suit over it. Choose Colours which are in Neutrals and Blues for a safer style. These are easy to style and pair.

Business Casual looks will need shirts that are closer to formal but can have any fit. Choosing colors that are in tints or darker like green, red, pink, lavender is such which can be style. Go for printed shirts in tiny motifs that don’t overpower the look and are on basic colors.

2) Trousers for Workwear

Formal Trousers are more of the ones which work well with suits, these can be pleated or with no pleats in a relaxed and narrow fit. Colors are more earthy tones and dark blue or black. Not more texture and weaves should be visible on the trousers.

Business Casual pants can be switched for comfort with chinos and cotton blends in narrower fit. These can also include weave patterns of checks and stripes but not in more highlight or contrast tones. See Video see types of Pants for formal office wear to choose.

3) Overlayer Clothing for Work Wear

Formal Wear over layer clothes includes a Suit, Blazer, or even a waistcoat. For instance, wearing a 4-piece suit is a part of formal fashion as well as wearing a blazer with a shirt is considered formal. Choose ones which are in simple weave styles, colors are blues, black, dark brown, or darker hues.

Business Casual Waistcoat styles in checks or plaid patterns are acceptable yet colors need to be subtle and not saturated. Wearing a waistcoat and shirt or a blazer in Linen for summer is also a great option for business casual looks.

4) Ties to choose for Work

Style Ties for formal wear which are in any color from dark, light hues, or mixtures of 2-3 hues. Formal wear also includes prints in stripes, geometric, dots, and more. Styling Contrast or same family tones as your shirt can work in ties. See Video learn what kind of Tie knots can be done for formal wear look.

For business casual, you can wear ties in stripes, checks, dots, plaids, or any styles that are style classy and not quirky. Go with multiple colors and also add isolation with your tie’s color to your outfit.

5) Accessories for Office Dressing

Formal look accessories for men are simple, a metal watch, a leather belt that matches your shoe color. Tie pins and cuff-links which has a metal base in addition to colored options can be used but no Swarovski (diamonds). However, you can wear those if it’s a dinner or event you are to attend. You can also wear Leather belt watches as long as they are clean and neat in texture.

Business casual styles also include the above, in addition to that, you can wear a sports watch too. Remember to still match your belt and watch if your shoes are more casual and match your shoes and belt if your watch is more casual. Adding Mufflers, suspenders, or scarves is also a great formal fashion look.

6) Footwear for Formal Fashion

Choosing formal shoes for men is correct and must be noted. Choose Oxfords in shoes or even leather loafers.

Business casual footwear options are vast. Choose loafers, oxfords, plimsolls, or go with colors in variety. Just know you are harmonizing the whole outfit with your choice of shoes for business casual looks.

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