Convert Old Saree to Dress or Gowns – DIY Fashion

How to convert an old saree to a dress or gown without sewing and using draping styles to get a completely new make with sarees. Save on buying new dresses or maxi gowns and try these easy tricks and DIY fashion hacks to turn your saree to dress. Let’s begin with some easy ways to convert your sarees to long maxi dresses or easy drape styles to turn them into a new outfit.

Make most out of using old sarees or those which need to be mended, simply use them to drape them around. Skirts, leggings, and crop top or inner tank tops to get a comfortable maxi gown or dress look.

1) Take a flowy saree like georgette, satin, chiffon, or crepe to get it transformed into a maxi gown for beaches, parties, or just resort wear. Below is a video to guide you on how to convert the saree into a maxi dress.

2) Here’s a more quirky way to get your flowy saree look like a draped and cowl drape dress for a party look or resort wear look to feel comfy. You can always use belts and other accessories to add more flavor to the whole look. Watch the video below to learn how to transform your saree into a cowl drape dress.

3) Convert your saree with a flowy fabric and bordered saree into an Indian dress like Anarkali Dress. This requires a matching blouse and petticoat to transform the saree into Anarkali salwar kameez. It involves a few simple steps, watches our video below to help you wear your saree differently.

4) Wear your old silk sarees heavy like a dress dress, it’s very easy draping your saree in a dress look. Choose a nice silk saree with pallu weaving to get the best out of the look. Watch the Video Below and to learn how to wear a saree as a gown.

5) The easiest way is to wear your saree like a skirt and style with a tunic top or crop top to complete the dress outfit look. Learn that by simply adding pleats to your innerwear skirt or leggings and get the circular lehenga or skirt look. Watch the Video to see how to wear a saree like a skirt.


There are many more ways to convert an old saree into a dress by cutting and sewing it up. You can always ask your tailor to get your stitching done by giving him your ideas of reusing a saree into an Anarkali dress, a tunic, a lehenga, or a dupatta as well.