Maharashtrian saree draping in 4 Different Ways

The traditional saree of Maharashtrian are styled in most of the dhoti styles, as the Maharastra history revolves around warriors. The Kasta style sarees and nauvari saree drapes are the most traditional styles of Marathi sarees.

Maharashtrian saree types and draping styles which are worn as the tradition of Maharashtrian culture vary from slight differences of draping.

Maharashtrian Saree Styles
Maharashtrian Saree Styles


The most popular sarees used in a Marathi saree drape is the Nauvari saree in silk, which is a 9 meters long saree of silk.

Maharashtra also has its originating styles of sarees like the Kohlapuri silk saree, but widely used are the nauvari silk saree or paithani silk sarees.

4 Ways to Wear a Marathi saree

Traditional Nauvari Saree Draping Style – Marathi Saree

The traditional way of wearing a Nauvari saree needs a 9 yards (8.23 meters) silk see to get the perfect saree draping look. Follow the steps below to get the perfect look.

Nauwari saree draping step by step guide,
Nauvari Saree Draping Style
  1. Start by draping the saree around the waist where most of the fabric comes on the right side and the corner of the left is tied with the saree on the right side. Make two double knots.
  2. Pick the lower corner of the left side wrap and roughly tuck in at the knot so this end doesn’t peep out after the saree is worn.
  3. Take the width section of the pallu and make pallu pleats. Drape them around from right to left and back to front. Drape them over the left shoulder now.
  4. Take the inner border and drape tightly around the bustline, take it around the back and tighten the edge of the saree by tucking it roughly on the left waist.
  5. Take the loop of the saree in front of you, and make pleats from the right side. Complete this and leave one pleat fabric on left. Turn the pleats to the right, so they open on this side. Wrap the pleats with the saree edge from the left that we left. And the fold everything on the center waist by using the inner saree wrap border, and twisting it around to hold pleats.
  6. Part the lower pleats in half and pull the middle edge to back through between two legs. Neatly tighten it to drape well and make small pleats on the fold to drape pleats in the back mid-waist.
  7. Then, adjust the front shoulder pleats neatly and pin the pleats at the left shoulder. This completes the look. Watch the video of Maharashtrian Nauvari Saree draping steps to help.

Brahmini Or Peshwai Nauvari Saree Draping Style

how to wear peshwai navwari saree
Brahmini Or Peshwai Nauvari Saree Draping Style

The brahmin version of the nauvari saree is very similar in the basic drape style of the normal nauwari saree. The draping is explained above, only the front drape looks different from a front border drape.

  • All the steps are the same as the part of the lower pleats being taken behind, through the legs. But the difference will be that don’t take the edge from the middle but more towards the left side, and then pull it out at back and tuck in on the back mid-waist.
  • Now come back to the front lower pleats which are on the left side. Take the border edge from there, and lift it up to tuck it across to the left side waistline, where the border shows in front of a curve shape.
  • Watch the Video of Peshwai Nauwari saree draping style.

Contemporary Marathi Saree Style Drape

This Maharashtrian saree style is a modified version of the traditional look, which has the back dhoti look. Although it looks very classy when comes to the front side, a normal saree drape looks from this side.

how to wear Maharashtrian style saree
Contemporary Marathi Saree Style Drape

Steps to Wear the Marathi Saree Style

  1. Start by knotting the saree in the center front with both ends coming out on the sides, the left side will have a yard or more about that much and the rest will be on the right-hand side.
  2. Take the left saree end and pull it out at the back from between both legs. Pleat up the width to 2-3 inches wide pleats and secure with a safety pin. Then tuck it in your center back waistline.
  3. Then come to the saree fabric on the right side. Hold the edge from the knot and make 5-6 pleats, tuck them in the center waist over the knot. The pleats will face the left side.
  4. Take the remaining saree fabric, hold the width, and make 4-5inches wide pleats for the shoulder drape. Drape them from behind your back, bring them to the front, and drape them on the left shoulder. Secure pleats on the left shoulder with safety pins.

Contemporary Marathi Dhoti Saree Drape

The simple and comfortable look for a traditional dhoti style would be one in this easy-to-wear style. All you need is some stylish waist belt – kammarbandh to get a traditional look overall. The style is also an inspired look from some mythological movies of the south Indian cinema like Bahubali.