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Ethnic Wear For Men

Explore our collection of ethnic wear for men, perfect for weddings and special occasions. Embrace tradition with style and elegance!Less more

Men Ethnic Wear


Shop Indian Ethnic Wear for Men in India

At G3fashion, our Indian ethnic wear for men collection celebrates traditional Indian attire blended with contemporary style. We offer a range of Men's clothing that captures the essence of cultural and elegant fashion. From the classic charm of Sherwanis and kurta pyjamas to the modern twist of Indo-western styles, our selection is as diverse as it is refined. Whether for a party, a festival, or casual wear, our garments come in various colours, sizes, and fabrics to suit every preference. Each piece is adorned with unique embellishments for Indian ethnic wear, making them stand out. We also cater to those who prefer a mix of Western wear in their wardrobe, offering Men's traditional outfits with a modern edge. Our commitment is to provide Men's ethnic fashion that is both culturally rich and in tune with contemporary trends.

Online Shopping Diverse Range of Men's Ethnic Wear

Traditional wear for men at G3fashion epitomises fashion diversity and authenticity. Our ethnic collection boasts a variety of traditional outfits, each embodying a unique blend of style and tradition. From the regal and stylish Sherwanis to versatile Kurta Pajamas and contemporary Men's Indowestern pieces, our range caters to every facet of ethnic fashion for males. Each item in our Men's ethnic collection is a testament to the rich tapestry of traditional Wear for Men, crafted to offer both sophistication and cultural elegance.

Buy Men Sherwani

At G3fashion, explore our Sherwani, a testament to the grandeur of the Mughal era and British Raj. These exquisite pieces, reflecting the opulence of South Asian culture, are perfect for marriage celebrations and other formal events. Inspired by styles worn by celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh, and Virat Kohli, our collection on our e-commerce platform, which specialises in ethnic wear, offers a range of fabrics, styles, sizes, and colours. Each Sherwani is designed to make a statement, complemented by various accessories, ensuring a regal and elegantly tailored to every occasion.

Buy Kurta Pajama

Explore G3fashion's versatile Kurta Pajamas, blending traditional charm with modern design. Perfect for Punjabi style enthusiasts, these sets offer a variety of designs, from simple elegance to stylish jackets, suitable for any party wear. These suits are ideal for festive occasions like Eid and Diwali. They are available in a spectrum of colours and crafted from comfortable cotton. Our Indian ethnic men's wear collection ensures a perfect blend of comfort and contemporary style for every occasion.

Buy Men's Indowestern

Ethnic Dress for Men at G3fashion takes a contemporary turn with our Men's Indowestern collection. Perfect for the wedding male or groom, these outfits blend traditional ethnic clothes for men with modern fashion elements like blazers and jodhpuri styles. The best indo western dress for male often features luxurious velvet, intricate mirror work, and Bollywood-inspired flair. Our collection offers a unique take on ethnic fashion, providing style and sophistication for events like sangeet and other celebratory occasions. Embrace the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity with our ethnic dress options.

Wedding and Celebration Attire Shopping for Men:

Ethnic Dress for Men at G3fashion is a celebration of style and tradition, especially curated for weddings and festive events. Our collection includes elegant Men's wedding wear for the bride groom and stylish reception dress options for guests. Embrace the spirit of celebration like birthday with our festive ethnic outfits, perfect for a summer wedding or any reception. Our range of Indian ethnic wear for Men combines traditional Indian elegance with contemporary fashion, ensuring you look celebratory and festive at every event.

Shop Wedding Sherwani

Traditional wear for men reaches new heights with G3fashion's Wedding Sherwanis. Catering to the groom and guests, these Sherwanis showcase exquisite design and designer craftsmanship. From simple elegance to embroidered grandeur, we are featuring various colours like classic black, royal green, and pristine white. Each piece, be it an open sherwani with a kurta or a new style sherwani design for males, is a masterpiece of men's cultural outfits. Elevate your marriage celebration with our top bridal fashion choices, where tradition meets contemporary style.

Shop Festival Kurta Pajama for Men

Men's festive ethnic wear at G3fashion showcases a splendid array of festive wear kurta pajama. Ideal for celebratory events like Rakshabandhan and the Haldi ceremony, our collection features intricately embroidered kurta sets, luxurious silk kurtas with white mirror work, and elegant georgette chikankari kurtas. Find versatile styles from classic khadi kurtas in rich navy blue and vibrant red to comfy cotton men's kurta. Each piece, be it a stylish kurta for men or a soft white cotton ensemble, is crafted to reflect colourful ethnic wear rooted in traditional design.

Shop Pathani Suit

Our ethnic Pathani suit collection at G3fashion showcases bold ethnic style and masculine elegance, making it a perfect choice for those seeking cultural outfits. This range includes a variety of colours like classic black, earthy brown, grey, vibrant green, and royal blue. The collection features traditional white pathani and contemporary sky blue pathani, offering something for every taste. From silk pathani to Pakistani pathani and Afghani pathani suits, each piece is a blend of comfort and style. These Pathani suits, suitable for weddings and casual wear, come in various designs and sizes and are paired with turbans and other accessories to complete the look.

Buy Formal and Professional Ethnic Wear:

G3fashion redefines Indian ethnic wear for men with its range of formal ethnic attire, perfect for the modern professional. Our collection includes sophisticated waistcoat sets, impeccably tailored coat suits, and stylish blazers, each piece embodying elegant menswear. These outfits are ideal for ethnic business suits or traditional office wear with a contemporary twist. The range offers a blend of professionalism and cultural elegance, ensuring you stand out in any corporate setting with modern professional ethnic attire.

Buy Men's Waistcoat Set

G3fashion presents a sophisticated range of Men's kurta jacket Sets, perfect for those seeking class and professionalism. Our collection includes a waistcoat for men's party wear and a kurta waistcoat set, ideal for various occasions like weddings. From a black waistcoat paired with a black kurta to a white kurta with a Nehru jacket, each set epitomises elegance. These waistcoats are available in different styles, including Punjabi and designer kurtas, which add a modern touch to traditional attire. Whether it's a cotton kurta for comfort or a pink waistcoat set for a splash of colour, our range caters to all fashion-forward ethnic preferences.

Buy Men's Coat Suit

G3fashion's Men's Coat Suits are the epitome of impeccable formal attire, perfect for the discerning gentleman. Our ethnic suit for men collection includes a variety of coat suits for marriage, 3 piece suits, and men's suit designs from our catalogue. Choose from classic blue, sophisticated grey, and regal navy blue. Our suits are designed with modern styling, offering slim fit options, stylish check patterns, and long blazers. Whether for a wedding, party, or business event, these suits, including options in green and purple, provide a polished and stylish look for any groom or guest.

Buy Men's Blazer

At G3fashion, Men's Blazers are redefined with sophistication and style, ideal for Indian weddings and beyond. Our collection, available at our clothing stores, features a range of blazer jackets in classic blue, grey, and vibrant royal blue. Perfect for pairing with everything from jeans for a smart casual look to slim fit trousers for semi-formal events. Choose from velvet, wool, or cotton materials, and explore a variety of patterns like check, houndstooth, and light blue. These modern and stylish blazers, including charcoal grey, brown, and green options, are designed to complement casual and business casual ensembles, ensuring a polis.

Buy Casual Ethnic Fashion for Everyday Wear:

Traditional formal wear for Men at G3fashion is redefined for the modern professional. Our collection balances casual ethnic wear with everyday fashion, offering relaxed styles in men's kurtas perfect for the workplace. These kurtas, available in a range of fabrics from comfortable cotton to luxurious silks, are ideal for Indian men seeking a blend of tradition and professionalism. Styles vary from classic solid colours to contemporary printed kurtas, each designed to maintain a professional demeanour while embracing ethnic-inspired fashion. This range proves that everyday ethnic wear can be both stylish and suitable for a formal setting.

Casual Kurta:

Traditional Kurta wear for Men at G3fashion takes a contemporary twist with our range of Casual Kurtas. Perfect for pairing with jeans for a modern look, these kurtas come in a variety of styles, including Pakistani and Indian designs. Our collection features everything from printed and modern navy blue and green designs to short kurtas for a more relaxed feel. Choose from simple yet stylish gents' kurta designs in black, white, and more. Made from comfortable cotton and luxurious silk, these kurtas are ideal for everyday and party wear, offering a perfect blend of traditional elegance and contemporary fashion.

Nehru Jacket

Ethnic fashion for males takes a distinguished turn with G3fashion's Nehru Jackets. These versatile pieces, perfect over a kurta or shirt, seamlessly transition from formal settings to party wear. Our range includes classic waistcoat styles and full-sleeve options crafted in materials like refined khadi. The floral print designs add a contemporary flair while maintaining an air of sophistication. Ideal for pairing with formals, a Nehru jacket elevates any outfit, offering a unique blend of traditional elegance and designer modernity.

Shop Premium Collection of Ethnic Wear for Men

G3fashion presents a Premium Collection of Ethnic Wear for Men, where tradition meets luxury. This exclusive range includes designer kurtas, perfect for any occasion, and luxury sherwanis that redefine traditional wear for men. Our selection features rich silk fabrics, vibrantly printed kurtas, and elegant indo-western styles. Ideal for wedding dresses or men's engagement attire, each piece is crafted with attention to detail and design. Explore our top men's ethnic wear brands for a statement hot pink kurta or a classic kurta pyjama, each offering unparalleled style and sophistication.

Designer Kurta Pajama Set

Our Designer Kurta Sets at G3fashion are the epitome of elegance and comfort. Crafted from premium fabrics like cotton and silk, these sets include kurta pajamas in various colours, from sophisticated grey and classic white to vibrant green. Our cotton men's and printed kurtas blend traditional and indo-western styles, perfect for weddings, parties, or casual outings. The embroidered kurta sets for men's wedding attire showcase intricate designs and impeccable craftsmanship.

Luxury Sherwani

Luxury Sherwanis at G3fashion are a symbol of royal elegance and refinement. Ideal for the groom or guests at an Indian wedding, these designer pieces feature exquisite embroidery and luxurious fabrics. Available in various colours, from classic ivory to rich hues, our Sherwanis are elegant and expensive in look and feel. Each piece, whether a simple Pakistani style or a royal dulha outfit, is perfectly tailored, making them a top choice for those seeking high-priced, luxurious Indian groom outfits and wedding suits.

Explore Ethnic Accessories for Men

At G3fashion, enhance your ethnic attire with our range of Ethnic Accessories for Men. Accessorise your kurta pajama with our printed pagdi or an embroidered or printed shawl, adding a touch of regality to your look. For grooms, we offer a curated Indian groom accessories list featuring embellished waistbelts, elegant brooches, and layered necklaces. Complete your ensemble with a stylish pocket square and the perfect pair of shoes, ensuring every detail complements your ethnic wear.

Tailoring and Customization Services

G3fashion's Tailoring and Customization Services offer more than just alterations. As a renowned gents tailor and clothing workshop, we provide personalised fit and bespoke clothing solutions. Our made-to-measure men's fashion services ensure an expert fitting for men's clothing, turning every garment into a unique piece. We specialise in custom design and exclusive men's wear design, allowing you to express your individual style through custom men's clothing design. Let us craft your perfect ethnic ensemble, tailored to your exact specifications.

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