Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Quotes & Poems

Are you sending an wedding anniversary wishes to a couple?  And confused what to send!!

Adding wonderful anniversary poems and quotes is the idealize way to specify your love and great wishes!

When your anniversary comes around, you need to show your love towards your life partner. Why not tell them how they make your heart take off by giving them an anniversary card with a romantic anniversary poem or a quote?

anniversary quotes

You’ll indeed up the sentiment by composing the anniversary poem/quote on a bit of paper, at that point roll it up and put it into a bottle!

Who doesn’t adore the sentimental, vintage idea of a cherish message in a bottle of a celebration?

Anything from one of these anniversaries wishes you choose to give them;So your companion is beyond any doubt going to feel the luckiest person ever.

Here are some beautiful anniversary poems and quotes that are beyond any doubt to melt the heart of your spouse. Don’t forget to add your special touch to the anniversary wish.

Wishes for Wedding Anniversary

Is your anniversary around the corner?? Then, this time show some love using a quote. You can give an emotional touch to your message over a date. Use quotes for your anniversary from our blog, as we have a lot to offer you.

wishes for wedding anniversary

Cute Wedding Anniversary Wishes

On your marriage anniversary, a cute anniversary quote is all you need to put a smile on your partner’s face.

cute wedding anniversary wishes

This quote is for all type of couple like a newly wedded or a couple who have been together for a long time now.

cute anniversary wishes

Here, we have got you some really cute quotes to put some cherry on your special cake (day)!!

Funny Anniversary Wishes

 funny anniversary wishes

Anniversary wishes are not always about love or seriousness towards each other it can also be funny and sarcastic.

 funny anniversary quotes

If couples are having a humor sort of nature, then funny anniversary quote is the perfect way to show love towards each other. With funny quotes one can express the love they have for the other one.

Short Marriage Anniversary Wishes

short anniversary wishes

You don’t always have to write an essay to express your love towards your special one. One can write a short and sweet anniversary quotes for their spouse to make them understand the amount of love they have for them.

short anniversary quotes

short wedding anniversary wishes

So, we have got some only for you so that you can celebrate the day like your way.

One Year Anniversary Quotes

1st anniversary quotes for couple

HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO YOU!! Let your partner know this past year was the best year for you as you have celebrated it with the love of your life.

anniversary quotes for couple

Now, Share this amazing one year wedding anniversary quote with your spouse, you can also frame it with a photo and make it a memory for your future.

5 – Year Wedding Anniversary Quotes

5 year wedding anniversary wishes

The 5-year marriage anniversary is frequently neglected in comparison with double-digit points of reference.

5 year anniversary wishes for friends
But in case you have come to this page for a few 5-year anniversary wishes, so we know one thing beyond any doubt that you really cherish every minute and each year you’ve went through together as a hitched couple.

5 year anniversary wishes for couple
So, step up and be the special couple that gladly celebrates each year & counting this 5th wedding anniversary!

10 – Year Anniversary Quotes

10th wedding anniversary quotes

When it comes to 10-year anniversary blessings, conventions call for tin or aluminum, or jewel adornments for something a bit more present day.

10th anniversary wishes for couple

a wedding anniversary quotes

But for wishes that are sufficient, select from these 10-year anniversary quotes for the decade-old couple.

10th anniversary wishes

25th Marriage Anniversary Quotes

The 25th anniversary is a major relationship goal, also known as the “silver” anniversary beyond any doubt to provide all couples #relationshipgoals.

25th anniversary quotes

So, this astounding hitched pair clearly knows the mystery to keeping the love lively and compromising with ease.

25th wedding anniversary quotes 25th wedding anniversary wishes
Share quotes with these amazing couple and celebrate their love.

silver jubilee wishes

50th Anniversary Quotes

golden anniversary wishes

Oh My God!! First of all, Congratulation on your “golden” marriage anniversary as it is an achievement which many couples are trying very hard to get but cannot go through easily.

50th wedding anniversary wishes

When it comes time to bow down to these experts of marriage, do so with these quotes for 50th wedding anniversary wishes.

wedding anniversary wishes

If you want to gift something with an anniversary card then take your better half for shopping because why not!! We also have some tips in case you need it.
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Wedding Anniversary Poems

Is your Wedding Anniversary around the corner? You’re thinking how to surprise your better half with something else than a dinner date. Let’s go back to basics!! How about get yourself a decent card and send her a sentimental lyric in post as a shock. In case you include blossoms, the shock will be indeed way better.

Here is the inspiration you were searching for:

1st Marriage Anniversary Poems

1st wedding anniversary poem


marriage anniversary poems

25th Anniversary Poems

wedding anniversary poem


wedding anniversary verses

50th Wedding Anniversary Poems

anniversary poems


anniversary verses

Whether you’re writing the idealize anniversary card to the love of your life or if you are wishing your neighbors a long time of joy, these wedding anniversary wishes are beyond any doubt to showing your love towards the person. So, Make this anniversary extravagant, by sending a sentimental bouquet to go with your card.

So, To quote the end of these blog we say,

wedding anniversary quotes and wishes

If you have any queries, please do let us now through comment. We’ll be glad to help.