Saree Draping Styles that Complements your Body

Today’s topic is Saree Draping Styles for Women Based on Their Body Form. But first, what exactly is a saree? & Why it is so highly regarded in today’s age A saree is much more than 5 to 9 yards of fabric; it embodies the soul of our tradition. In addition, the sari is an integral Indian garment that ladies may wear with aplomb. Any woman may look stunning in a saree if she picks the proper material for her body form. Our saree deals can help ladies discover a wide choice of options at the greatest costs.

Tell me honestly, every time you walk across the shop and see a sari, you feel happy. And quickly develop a rough plan in your thoughts about how you are planning to style yourself in that garment. But let me tell you something: being unaware of your own body shape frequently leads to you picking the wrong sari and looking terrible.


Well, elegance comes in different forms and sizes, and we all know that there is no such thing as a flawless body. A well-defined physique is always desired. Each body type has its own set of specifications and elegance. It is simply the proper advice that is necessary to increase the perfect pick of sarees based on body type.

When considering saree draping patterns, it is critical to first grasp the shape of the body, as this is the first step in enhancing the figure and boosting our confidence.

Measurements to Determine Saree Draping Styles

The body type, also known as the body silhouette is determined by measuring the bust, waist, and hips. Follow the instructions to acquire an accurate measurement and determine your body type.

1: Take a firm stance in front of the mirrors.
2: Take a measurement around the widest area of your bust.
3: Take your waist measurement above the navel and beneath the rib cage.
4: Measure the circumference of your hip at its widest point.
5: Take a reference measurement of the shoulder.

So, that was proper guidance for measuring a body type for suitable saree draping styles.

Now coming back to the main topic let’s explore some suggestions on how to find a saree draping style that complements your body shape.

types of body shapes

Pear Shape Saree Draping Styles

The bottom of a woman with a pear-shaped figure is heavier than her upper body. So, for her, materials like georgette and chiffon are preferable, since they will smooth out both her top and bottom body. Moreover, try to avoid mermaid cuts because they will bulk out your bottom half. When it comes to draping, go for the seedha pallu draping technique since it will balance out your two halves. You will look great in vibrant and light hues, and you may choose from a variety of attractive and ornamented borders.

Body Type: Apple

This body shape is characterized by a wider bust line and waist, as well as smaller hips. As a result, the weight increase in the midriff is rather noticeable. Sarees with embroidery and beads are a great option. A silk saree, on the other hand, may give you the ideal aesthetic while also helping to balance your shape. To cover the tummy, an ulta pallu style can produce an illusionary waist. Long-sleeved shirts with light embroidery or designs might hide an insecure arm. For you, flaunting your curves is the best option. Materials that cling to the figure, such as chiffon, net, and the like, are a no-no for certain body types.

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Hour Glass Shape Saree Draping Styles

This is perhaps the most desired body shape. In this example, the body achieves a fine blend of proportion. The waist is smaller, while the breast and hip measurements are the same or aligned. This body type must be flaunted with the greatest grace if it has a correctly defined waistline.

Your flamboyant styles are proportional curves. Materials like chiffon, cotton, georgette, and others complement and accentuate your natural contours. Blouses with mild decorations that aren’t too flashy would suffice. Sarees in dark colors with embroidery and decorations are said to be the ideal drape. Draping with a lot of detail is not a good idea for this body shape.

Body Type: Rectangular

The measurements of the breast, waist, and hips are all positioned over the same line in this body shape. A well-balanced figure with little or no waistline is typical.

Light cotton, organza, and brocade fabrics look stunning on this body type. A gorgeous pick is a bold pattern shirt with a deep-cut neck and slim borders. Belts can be used to create an illusionary curve around the waist, making the form appear perfectly balanced. Because it’s a supermodel body form, it’s easier to flaunt than other body shapes. Corsets, V-necks, Boats, Halter, and other styles are ideal. Fabrics that draw too much emphasis on the waist should be avoided.

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Inverted Triangle Shape Draping Styles

This has been the finest athletic and well-built body type. The shoulders are substantially wider than the waist and hips combined. The most valuable portions of the body are the arms and legs, which must be improved with elegance.

Your best bet is to choose sarees with simple patterns. The ideal approach to draping the pallu is to pin it on incorrect plates to show off the slimmer waist. Blouses with a slimmer silhouette should be chosen to compliment the large shoulder. Heavy work or decorations on the upper torso should be avoided since they might make the shoulders appear even wider.

Body Type: Tall and Slim

Draping strong colors and colorful designs with a large patched or braided border look wonderful on this body shape since they match the height and shape well. To understand it more efficiently watch this youtube video.

Plus-Sized Saree Draping Styles

Fabrics that adhere to the body are a must-have for you. Dark and strong colors help you appear more balanced and intelligent. Blouses with sleeves can be worn to hide flabby arms. They may also appear plumper if they wear a saree that is either ornate or loose. To understand it more efficiently watch this youtube video.

Body Type: Short and Skinny

Sarees with narrow borders and light designs are the ideal option since they create the right overall aesthetic. Lighter sari and heavier blouses might give the impression of greater height. Pastels, browns, greys, and reds will always be your friends. Accessorizing with appropriate shoes, handbags, and statement neckpieces is essential for this body shape. To understand it more efficiently watch this youtube video.

In a lovely saree, an Indian woman in all her beauty and elegance appears simply enchanting even in the 21st era. One can beat any fashion star in the world with kajal in her eyes, bindi on her forehead, and glittering jhumkas. A saree is almost always much longer than 6 or 9 yards. So, it lies at the heart of our diverse culture and history. Sarees are no longer regarded as old; rather, they are the most recent fashion novelties.

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As a result, the next time you go shopping, put your chin up and chest high, and walk into any party with great confidence. G3fashion offers advice on how to buy beautiful sarees for women. Until then, I hope to hear from you soon…