How to Identify a Pure Kanjeevaram Silk Saree?

Wrap yourself in six yards of pure silk elegance with the Kanjeevaram that whispers stories of ancient traditions. Born in the temple town of Kanchipuram, these kanjeevaram silk sarees have been stealing feminine hearts, for centuries. At G3+ Fashion, we’re smitten by this attire out of a collection of Indian sarees, enough to share our love with you.

But in a world known for knock-offs, how do you spot the real deal? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’re about to spill the beans on identifying an authentic Kanjeevaram.

Characteristics of a Genuine Kanjeevaram Silk Sari

Kanjeevaram sarees are the ultimate women’s attire that can make them feel like royalty. That’s the power of the genuine thing! These sarees can rouse your senses like anything, and once you know its genuine characteristics, chances are that you’ll never be fooled.

The texture is smooth and luxurious in every thread, rendered with a subtle sheen that is not possible to be replicated by synthetics. These sarees float gracefully yet drape beautifully, adding a touch of elegance to those curves, just right.

But the real showstopper? The weave of the pre-stitched sarees itself! Intricate designs narrate designs of ancient deities and legends, each pattern showcasing a miniature masterpiece. They have deep, rich hues that stay vibrant with no fading and patches absolutely. These sarees radiate unadulterated color that can sway heads and demand attention.

How to Identify a Pure Silk Kanjeevaram?

Here are some tests that will help you identify a pure silk Kanjeevaram saree:

  1. The Zari Test

An actual Kanjeevaram sari does not use just any lustrous thread. We are talking about gold or silver in their purest form. It has the kind of sophistication where you feel like you are having a piece of jewelry with you all the time.

If you want to know a little trick of course, we at G3+ Fashion can teach you on how we can easily tell a real zari from a fake. It’s simple, really. All that is required is that you rub the zari with a stone, lightly. The authentic piece can only be distinguished after it has left behind a golden or silver streak on paper. It is as if the saree itself is leaving its signature behind! As for fake zari, all you’ll be left with are dull colorless marks on the fabric of the saree.

This work of zari does not only show the elegance of the lady but also depicts the cultural and aesthetic value of tradition. This is an aspect that actually plays the most substantial role as to why a Kanjeevaram saree is very unique and special. Most of the time, the patterns displayed by zari work are derived from the temple architecture or nature or a popular persona. These details bring extra charm when dressed with the beautiful Kanjeevaram saree.

  1. The Burn Test and the Touch

The burn test is related to the powders used in designed textiles. This test that can make you feel slightly uneasy. Of course, we do NOT advise you to light that fine saree of yours on fire! This is strictly for professionals who work at a factory.

Here’s how it works: If a thread from a pure silk Kanjeevaram is ignited, it will burn slowly in a way so as to give out a stench that resembles burning hair. The remainder will be a fine ash. Synthetic fibers in fake Kanjeevaram sarees will melt and retain a smell of plastic. Not very elegant, right?

But you can actually perform the touch test. A pure silk Kanjeevaram will have fabric with a distinct feel – soft and smooth but will retain a sense of weight to it. It will feel substantial but not really heavy.

A genuine Kanjeevaram drape falls in multiple, beautiful folds, and makes the saree look the best on you. Synthetic sarees will feel too flimsy or could feel extremely stiff, never hitting that sweet spot that the authentic saree does.

  1. Weave and Border

Now let us step closer and take look and have feel of the weave and the border of Kanjeevaram. Such is the exquisite artistry of the patterns that some of these icons would look three dimensional and appear to come out of the fabric.

The very basic characteristic of the true Kanjeevaram is that it has a body and borders which are most often woven separately and then joined so perfectly that it is difficult to find the weaving pattern, their origin, and their ends. It is something only skilled weavers can manage with incredible precision.

The unveiling of the ‘pallu’ of the saree is employed for admiring its aesthetic beauty. Originally meant to cover the lower part of the sarees, these pallu pieces bear motifs that portray a mythological romance, or an event in nature, or an historical event.

  1. Price and Authenticity

Let’s talk price. Kanjeeveram’s price includes its value for its art and the preservation of the tradition. An original Bengalee traditional saree is sewn with a lot of care and precise technique by specialized weavers with handlooms. A single saree takes months of effort to make, the price of the silk, the zari, and the PIN – all elements add to the value.

The best advice remains this – never be too eager to make a profit because the chances are the deal is a scam. If someone is selling a ‘pure silk Kanjeevaram saree’ at normal rates. then you should give it a miss. You get what you pay for and a real Kanjeevaram saree is a worthy investment for the work, longevity, and aesthetics incorporated into it.

How to Buying a Pure Kanjeeveram Silk Saree without Hassles

Interested in buying a readymade Kanjeevaram? Here are some insider tips from us at G3+ Fashion:

  • Look for a saree authenticated with the ‘Silk Mark’ symbol. This mark is like a hand-pick of the gods of silk!
  • It should be ordered from credible dealers, like us at G3+ Fashion. All we claim is that our sarees are genuine.
  • Run your hand over the Patha, look at the work done on the zari, and observe the edges intently.
  • An ideal seller should be willing to explain to you all that you need to know regarding the material of the saree and how it was made.
  • Always remember that a Kanjeevaram is for a lifetime, and a good product always costs more.


Amongst the delicate and lush weaves of the Indian textiles, a Kanjeevaram sari woven of pure silk radiates sheer elegance. Also, it is an integral part of India’s history and a weaver’s rare talent.

At G3+ Fashion, we aspire to continue the tradition of hand weaving and taking the genuine Kanjeevaram saree to saree lovers. Every silk kanjivaram saree is obtained and regulated strictly as per its quality and originality.

Indulge yourself to the pleasure of having a real Kanjeevaram saree. You could use it for a wedding, for a party, or merely to look fabulous. There is no better way than living life in pure silk glamour!