73rd Republic Day Celebration 2022

As 73rd Republic Day Celebration is a special event for all our nation’s citizens. Every people of India uses to remember the brave soldiers of India. India is a nation of colorful festivals, different cultures, and religions.  Moreover,  that day nation’s people became together to pass a message of “Unity in Diversity”. Although, Republic day is a prominent national festival.  It celebrates every year on January 26 with a national holiday.

This year we are going to celebrate our 73rd Republic day Celebration.  Most importantly, the R-parade is an event that celebrates with more than 100,000 people but due to a pandemic situation, it became low. Thirdly, we will talk about how we can celebrate our nation’s festival in the midst of the pandemic.

In this nation topic blog, we will discuss why we celebrate Republic day, how we celebrated our first republic day, The honor of our Soldiers, parade, how we can celebrate our nation’s day in this current situation.

Why do we celebrate Republic Day on 26 January?

As we all know, every year on 26 January we celebrate our Republic day of India. From 1950 to the honor of the day and date the constitution of India comes with an effect. Firstly, India is a colony of the British for the last 200 years and became independent from the rule of the British movement. So, from that day every Indian citizen started doing a celebration on 26 of January as an Indian festival.

How we celebrated our 1st republic day parade

Every Indian knows that British rights in our country are so hard. It is so difficult to catch the independence from them and celebrate the national festival. Due to many freedom fighters’ dedication today we are going to celebrate our 73rd Republic day celebration it is the importance of Republic day. As we know, Dr. Rajendra Prasad started the constitution of India and started during a nation parade on 26 January.

1st republic day of india

The main, first republic day celebration was held in New Delhi on 26th January. It’s an honor date for Rajendra Prasad Ji to start an Indian force parade, a nation song, a republic day speech for Indian soldiers. On that day, he became the first term of office as a President.

Wagah border Indian soldiers celebrate Republic day of India

Republic day celebration on wagah border

Traditional Performance at republic day celebration

A traditional where show an all the different cultures and religions of Indian people. It is done by small children, villagers, dance and many times our Indian Bollywood celebrities also take apart at the function. Republic day of India’s functions shows the unity of the nation.

Republic day is known as an example of a nationwide celebration. The nation’s performance deserves special intention and love. A traditional function is important because there are no better ways to showcase all our national cultures. Also, allows people to learn the spirituality of the nation.

Nation pride on republic day flag hosting time

At the time of republic day, flag hosting is a central event of function. The Nation flag is a symbol of our national pride, devotional mind,  brave soldier strength, a unity of the nation. It is hosted at a high height with an open sky. If the flag is hosted by a chief guest on republic day then a nation song takes a place on the speaker behind the speaker.

Republic day hosting of flag

On the day of 26 January, the India- flag transforms a feeling of sorrow to every Indian citizen. At that time, people remember a brave freedom fighter of India, an Indian soldier who died during saving the land of the nation. The national song makes everyone speechless because very tuff it is for every family who lost their brave men, for making use of independent members of India. 26 January speech is given by chief guest or by the Prime minister of India.

An honor of Braveheart soldiers of the country

There is a brave soldier who actions hard for saving our nation and make us independent. There are lots of fighters who defined selfless service. That brave soldier and people were honored on that day with a medal in front of every Indian people on Republic day of India. Those days, the prime- minister of India or the chief guest serves a salute to them as well as a medal.

Honour to Indian soldier

Therefore, during republic day our brave soldiers get a medal for saving our motherland for their selfless service. Also, they were honored by a big-fat Indian people salute and an Ashoka Chakara.  And, the National anthem transforms power to them for saving nationalism.

73rd Republic Day Celebration – 2022 Ideas

This year we celebrate our 73rd republic day as it prepares memorization of the date on which the constitution of India came into India effect in 1950. Celebrating the 73rd Republic day is a proud moment for every Indian citizen. As we knew, in this current year we are bearing a pandemic situation where celebrating republic day like last year is hard.

So here are some ideas to celebrate our national festival in a different style. In the spenders year have limited to attend a republic celebration 25,000 compared from the last 150,000. Similarly, the number of media representatives was cut from 300 to 500 on Republic day 2022.

73rd Republic Day Celebration in the midst of a Pandemic:

Serve food to the needy people:

It is important to know the need of the people of India. Because many citizens are there who sleep without taking a single meal in a day. So, it is a great day to celebrate a national festival with them. Because every India people have to help another one. Because from childhood we learn that every Indian is my brother and sister.


In this situation pandemics just go out from your house, not for the rally, serve food who really need them, it is the best idea to enjoy nation day with them. Make their face happy on this Republic day 2022, don’t do it for media and cameras just do it for your happiness.  Also, follow all the rules and precautions of Covid-19.

Distribution of mask and sanitizer:

The whole world living in this current sanitizer by barring lots of financial problems. But on the day of Republic day of India- 2022 in this pandemic situation we can serve a bundle of masks and sanitizers to the villagers who really need it. Make them know more about this pandemic, transforming the information about it.

distribution of mask

Give the awareness about the covid situation to them, and let people know more about it. Serve a hamper of mask and sanitizer to them, also take precaution during the serving it. Enjoy this republic day with needy people. Also, you can serve a mask to the little school children, old man, etc.

As much as possible the important point related to Republic day 2022 is covered. Just take all the precaution of this pandemic situation, and enjoy your day with them who really need. Let us know in the comment section, how you are going to celebrate your Republic day.

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