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Elevate your ethnic style with Maroon Sarees, showcasing luxurious shades that exude regality and elegance effortlessly.Less more

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Maroon Saree


Buy Maroon Saree for Women at the Best Price

Discover the timeless elegance of maroon sarees at G3fashion, where sophistication meets affordability. Our collection embodies the rich, deep hues of maroon, offering a versatile palette that suits every occasion, from grand weddings to casual outings. These sarees, crafted from the finest fabrics, promise to elevate your wardrobe with their unmatched grace and style. Whether you're seeking the classic allure of silk, the contemporary charm of georgette, or the traditional elegance of cotton, find the perfect maroon saree that reflects your style, all at an unbeatable price. Step into our curated selection and experience the blend of luxury and value, ensuring you don't just wear a saree but make a statement.

India's Quintessential Maroon Colour Saree Collection

Dive into the richness and elegance of maroon, a colour that carries the essence of Indian tradition and modern grace. Our curated collection of maroon sarees embraces every occasion with unmatched sophistication.

Maroon Colour Organza Saree:

Organza, known for its delicate yet crisp texture, takes on a regal aura in maroon. These sarees are ideal for weddings and grand festivities and feature intricate designs and light embellishments that reflect a contemporary charm. The sheer nature of organza paired with the depth of maroon creates an enchanting silhouette, making it a must-have for those who love to blend tradition with a touch of modernity.

Maroon Colour Printed Saree:

The versatility of maroon finds new expressions in our printed sarees. From floral motifs that whisper the tales of spring to geometric patterns that speak of sophistication, these sarees are perfect for casual outings, office wear, and small gatherings. Crafted on fabrics that ensure comfort all day, these sarees showcase how maroon can be powerful and understated, making every moment memorable.

Maroon Colour Patola Saree:

Renowned for their intricate weaving and vibrant patterns, maroon Patola sarees are a testament to Gujarat's ancient art of double ikat weaving. These sarees embody a rich cultural heritage, perfect for grand celebrations and traditional ceremonies. Their complex geometric and floral designs, highlighted by the depth of maroon, make each piece a wearable art form. A maroon Patola saree is not just a garment but a legacy draped in elegance.

Maroon Colour Dola Saree:

Dola sarees, crafted from a blend of silk and other fine fibres, offer a splendid mix of sheen and softness in the royal hue of maroon. These sarees are distinguished by their lightweight fabric and versatile drape, making them ideal for festive occasions and formal events. The maroon Dola sarees, often adorned with subtle embroidery or zari work, speak of understated glamour and sophistication. They are a perfect canvas for showcasing traditional jewellery, making every wearer stand out gracefully.

Maroon Colour Pashmina Saree:

Indulge in the warmth and luxury of a maroon Pashmina saree. Known for their exquisite softness and delicate weave, these sarees combine the traditional craftsmanship of Kashmir with the timeless appeal of maroon. Ideal for winter weddings or chilly festive evenings, a maroon Pashmina saree wraps you in unmatched elegance, making it a splendid choice for those who value comfort without compromising on style.

Plain Maroon Saree:

The beauty of a plain maroon saree lies in its simplicity and the depth of its colour. Perfect for various occasions, from formal events to casual gatherings, it offers a canvas to express your unique style through accessories and blouse designs. Whether you pair it with a heavily embroidered blouse or keep it simple with minimal jewellery, a plain maroon saree stands out for its poise and sophistication.

Maroon Colour Designer Saree:

Elevate your saree game with a maroon colour designer saree. These sarees blend contemporary designs and traditional hues, making them perfect for the modern woman who loves to make a statement. From intricate embroidery and sequin work to innovative drapes and fabric combinations, maroon designer sarees are about expressing creativity and luxury. Ideal for high-end parties, receptions, or any event where making an impression is vital, these sarees ensure you remain the center of attention.

Luxurious Maroon Sarees for Occasions

Maroon sarees symbolise luxury and opulence, making them perfect for various occasions. Each type of maroon saree we present is designed to elevate your appearance for any event, blending traditional aesthetics with modern sensibilities.


The maroon saree is a quintessential choice for weddings for brides and attendees alike. Its rich hue, paired with exquisite gold embroidery or zari work, encapsulates the essence of Indian weddings. These sarees are often crafted from lush fabrics like silk, making them a dazzling option for the grandest celebrations.

Party Wear:

Maroon sarees designed for party wear merge contemporary design with classic elegance. These sarees might feature stylish cuts, sequin work, or innovative drapes for cocktail parties or sophisticated soirées. They promise a stunning silhouette that's both graceful and modern.


A maroon saree for a reception is a statement of grace and style. Opt for a maroon saree with intricate gold zari work or sequin embellishments to stand out. The richness of maroon paired with the sparkle of gold or silver adds a festive vibe, perfect for evening receptions. Choose a saree in silk or velvet to enhance the luxury quotient, ensuring you make a memorable entrance. Pair it with gold or diamond jewellery to complete the regal look, and consider a high bun or soft curls to complement your ensemble.


Maroon sarees in lighter fabrics like georgette or chiffon are ideal for a casual yet chic look. These sarees might be adorned with minimalistic prints or subtle embroidery, perfect for family gatherings or casual outings. They offer comfort without compromising style, making them a go-to for everyday elegance.

Selecting Fabrics for Crafting Designer Maroon Colour Sarees

The choice of fabric plays a pivotal role in creating designer maroon sarees. Each material brings its unique essence, enhancing the saree's overall appeal and suiting different occasions.


Silk maroon sarees are synonymous with luxury and elegance. The natural sheen of silk fabric, combined with the maroon's depth, creates a saree that exudes royalty. Perfect for weddings and formal events, silk maroon sarees often feature intricate zari or embroidery work that adds to their grandeur.


Net maroon sarees offer a blend of contemporary style and traditional grace. The sheer texture of net fabric adorned with embellishments like sequins, stones, or embroidery work makes these sarees popular for party wear. They provide a modern, stylish look while maintaining an element of ethnic charm.


Banarasi maroon sarees are cherished for their rich craftsmanship and heritage. Woven with gold or silver zari, these sarees showcase elaborate designs inspired by Mughal art. The luxurious weave and vibrant maroon hue make Banarasi sarees a timeless piece for any ceremonial occasion.


Satin maroon sarees stand out for their smooth, glossy finish, offering a luxurious feel and drape. This fabric's rich sheen accentuates the maroon hue, making it a splendid choice for evening events. Its fluid nature ensures a flattering silhouette, perfect for those desiring sophistication and comfort.


Georgette maroon sarees are known for their lightweight, airy texture, ensuring graceful movement and a delicate appearance. This fabric's slightly rough texture and bouncy nature make it ideal for detailed embroidery and embellishments, offering versatility for casual and formal occasions. Georgette sarees in maroon can effortlessly transition from day to night, making them a must-have in your wardrobe.

Discovering the Spectrum of Maroon Colour in Sarees

Exploring the rich spectrum of maroon in sarees reveals a palette that resonates with intensity and softness, capturing the essence of tradition and modernity.

Dark Maroon:

Dark maroon sarees exude a deep, intense richness, embodying elegance and a timeless appeal. This shade, often associated with regality and sophistication, is perfect for formal events and weddings. When adorned with gold or silver zari work, dark maroon sarees symbolise luxury, making any wearer stand out with dignity and grace.

Light Maroon:

Light maroon sarees offer a softer, more subtle charm, ideal for occasions that call for a blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. With its gentle allure, this shade pairs beautifully with minimalist designs, delicate embroidery, or printed patterns. Light maroon sarees are suited for casual outings, office wear, or light festive occasions, providing versatility and elegance to the modern woman's wardrobe.

Soft Maroon:

Soft maroon sarees bring a gentle warmth and subtlety to your wardrobe. Perfect for day events or casual gatherings, these sarees blend the boldness of maroon with a tender lightness, creating a harmonious balance. Soft maroon works beautifully with light embroidery or simple gold borders, making it a versatile choice for those who prefer a blend of understated elegance and traditional grace.

Royal Maroon:

Royal maroon embodies luxury and sophistication. Sarees in this shade are often chosen for their majestic appeal, which is ideal for weddings, grand festivals, and formal events. When paired with intricate gold or silver zari work, royal maroon sarees command attention, making the wearer feel like royalty. This shade is for those who seek to make a bold, unforgettable statement.

Rich Maroon:

Rich maroon sarees are characterised by their deep, intense colour that speaks volumes of tradition and heritage. This shade suits many fabrics, from sumptuous silks to elegant georgettes, adorned with traditional motifs, heavy embroidery, or contemporary designs. A rich maroon saree is a must-have for any festive occasion, perfectly complementing gold jewellery and accessories for a timeless and majestic look.

Accessorising Your Maroon Colour Saree: Tips and Blouse Ideas

Discover the art of perfectly accessorising your maroon saree, turning heads at any event. Maroon, a rich and versatile colour, pairs beautifully with various accessories and blouse designs. Whether it's a wedding, a party, or a casual gathering, the right accessories can elevate your maroon saree from beautiful to unforgettable.

Contrast Blouse: Adding a contrast blouse can immediately elevate the look of your maroon saree. Opt for colours that create a striking balance yet blend harmoniously. Ivory, deep green, or even a rich gold blouse can introduce a refreshing contrast. Consider fabric choices like silk, velvet, or brocade to add texture and depth to your ensemble.

Golden Border Sarees: A maroon saree with a golden border is timeless. The luminescence of gold against the depth of maroon creates a regal look. For accessorising, traditional gold jewellery, from jhumkas to bangles and necklaces, complements this combination perfectly, enhancing the saree's elegance.

Embroidered Blouses: An embroidered blouse adds sophistication to a maroon saree. Choose embroidery incorporating gold or silver threads or even colourful ones for a more playful look. The embroidery can match the saree's motifs to create a cohesive and rich appearance.

Jewellery Choices: Traditional gold jewellery works beautifully with maroon sarees. However, don't shy away from experimenting with silver, diamond, or even antique pieces. Depending on the occasion, the Polki necklaces, Kundan sets, or pearl jewellery can also complement the saree.

Sequence and Mirror Work: Sarees with sequin or mirror work in maroon can dazzle at evening events. Accessorise with minimalistic jewellery to let the saree shine. Clutches with similar work can tie the look together.

Bollywood-Inspired Styles: Bollywood has long embraced the maroon saree for its dramatic impact. Take cues from celebrity red carpet looks for blouse designs and accessories. Off-shoulder blouses, statement sleeves, and belted sarees are all chic ways to style your maroon saree Bollywood-style.

Styling with Footwear: The proper footwear can complete your saree look. Gold, nude, or even maroon heels work well for maroon sarees. Choose based on comfort and the event's nature; opt for stilettos for formal events and wedges or flats for more extended, casual gatherings.

Clutch and Handbags: A clutch in gold, black, or a colour picked from the saree's embroidery can pull your entire outfit together. Consider potlis with gold accents or intricate work for more traditional or heavy sarees.

Hair and Makeup Tips: Opt for bold lip colours like deep reds or maroons for maroon sarees. Depending on the time of the event, keep the eye makeup gold, bronze, or smokey. Hairstyles can range from sleek buns adorned with gajras for a traditional look to soft curls for a more relaxed feel.

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