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Short Pathani Kurtas in the G3+ Fashion collection 2023 feature trendy designs and bold color palettes. Shop our assortments online or through our video calling feature. Be spoiled for choice with our affordable and high-quality collection.Less more

The new men’s ethnic wear collection from G3+ Fashion for 2023 offers a wide array of fancy sherwani designs at affordable prices online. Our men’s designer sherwani can be worn for celebrations like weddings, receptions, Read More

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Mens Kurta


Men’s Short Pathani Collection 2023

Pathani kurta for men is one of the most popular and fashionable men's clothing items that may be worn for any occasion. This ethnic and exquisite combination exudes an unrivaled level of sophistication and charm. Because they are considered to have originated in Afghanistan, these Kurtas are also known as Khan suits. Pathani kurta has a sophisticated style and is considered ideal summer attire due to its comfort. Apart from that, it is most commonly worn at Indian Pujas or festivals.

Our ethereal collection of Pathani Kurtas, available in a variety of prints, patterns, and colors, will help you make a fashion-forward statement. We ship these exquisite packages to countries all around the world, and you can shop with us using our video calling service. We are proud to provide these affordable pieces, which range in price from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 6,000, to help you complete your festive wardrobe.

How to Select the Best Men’s Short Pathani?

If you're looking to Buy Pathani Kurta Online, color is one of the most important factors to consider. Men with short stature should wear single dark-colored Pathani Kurtas to give the impression of being taller, such as the Black Pathani Kurta.Pathani Kurta Colors that are in contrast can be worn by men with tall stature.  Blue and green, red and golden yellow, dark brown and blue, and so on are just a few of the most exclusive color combinations.

Whether you wish to look prim and proper for a formal event or effortlessly stylish on a casual outing, we offer a wide assortment of fancy shoes for men. These are not just fashionable but also provide comfort. So, let us browse a few popular styles of our trending shoes for men.



With solid and bold shades, let your ethnic clothing speak volumes for you. Steal the limelight on every occasion with our amazing solid short Pathanis.


Make your radiant presence felt with our Printed Men’s Short Pathani. Making a statement effortlessly levels up your glam game.


Keep it classy in our vogue and trendy Stripe Men’s Short Pathani. Be the showstopper of every gathering and steal the show.



Get into the festive spirit with our vibrant green Pathani kurta, which is ideal for subtle celebrations. This color can enliven your charismatic personality!


Our Pathani white kurta embodies a blend of sophistication and style. Pair this simple yet elegant color with a white churidar to complete your grand look.


With our yellow Pathani Kurta, you can add just the right amount of finesse and radiance to any occasion.

  • NAVY

With our Navy blue Pathani Kurta, you'll always be ready to steal the show. Be the life of the party by brightening up any occasion with trendy colors.

Why is G3+ Fashion the perfect online abode for Men’s Short Pathani?

  • Our selection is of the best quality, guaranteeing that your buying experience with us is pleasant.
  • Our 'Ready-to-Ship' selection ensures prompt delivery without compromising on quality or price.
  • We deliver to 80+ countries across the globe.
  • We offer a unique video shopping feature that allows you to purchase from the comfort of your own home via Skype or Facetime.

Cities We Ship Our Ethnic Love To

We ship to more cities across the USA like Edison, Athens, Royal Oak, Sugar Land, Cari, Ashburn, Missouri City, Bakersfield, San Francisco, San Hose, St. Louis, Aurora, Orlando, Chelmsford, Chicago, Coram, Elkridge, Philadelphia, Columbus, Dallas, Austin, Little Rock, Irving, La Mirada, Burlingame, Torrance, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Diego, Sacramento, Washington, Farmington, Clermont, Clearwater, Riverview, Land O’ Lakes, Sanford, Meridian, Jersey City, Cumming, Skokie, Bartlett, Owings Mills, Prairieville, Sterling Heights, McKinney, Novi, Miami, Madison, Atlanta, Charlotte, Lumberton, Monroe Township, Santee, North Brunswick Township, Rockaway, Plainview, Shawnee, Tulsa, Sioux Falls, Nashville, Edinburg, Fort Worth, Newport News, Bellingham, Brambleton, Freehold Township, Hamilton Township, Hoover, Sienna Plantation, and Woodbridge Township.

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