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One of the most famous and popular Jeans brands and origin of Blue Jean's fashion craze came into existence from Levi Strauss & Co. Since they achieved their patent in 1873. The rivets clamped onto the jeans earlier for the need of strain points and now for styling and brand detail is the basic style of Levi’s. Widely emerged around the whole world becoming the largest demanded jeans and bringing the worker jeans to be worn by casual fashion desire in the 60s and 70s.

Levi’s is a private company also formed initially in San Francisco, which now makes jeans of their patent styles of riveted jeans and more lines of the street and casual fashion,

Levi’s has its unshrunk jeans which are uniquely still the number one selling jeans. It has enormous changes to its styles according to needs and fashion era, Levi’s still rocks as the number one brand of jeans and denim wear. Products of the durable jeans also introduced the washes on jeans, the stonewash still presents in fashion today, and the classic patterns and tapered jeans in live youth wear.

Apparels most popular are the jeans of course in the patent style names for men, 510 skinny fit, slim fit, 504 straight fit, 501 original and rivetless jeans, Capris, shorts in denim, the jackets, and collections for women shirts, dresses, jeans fit styles, t-shirts tops shorts and skirts giving the street fashion give the classy denim look. Today, many products build up Levi’s stream of fashion for men and women and especially the growing youth.

G3+ Fashion has a wide range of products in men’s wear in Levi’s brand along with women’s wear. Shop with us online Levi’s brand apparel and get your classy wear at the run of fashion. Many products to choose from Jeans, Denim wears products, shirts, t-shirts, shirts with prints and plains, dresses, and much more.

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