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Mens Waistcoat

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A waistcoat is a sleeveless upper-body garment that is worn over a Dress shirt, Kurta, or Indo western. Also, it gives the best look underneath a coat suit. A waistcoat is often worn as part of formal attire. Normally, it has gotten a vertical opening in the front which fastens with buttoned or snaps.

Apart from the formal attire, Waistcoat can be paired with Indian Ethnic attire like kurta pajama. Similarly, the form of Waistcoat is Nehru jacket has caught on as the latest fashion trend for men, in India and across the globe. These jackets not only look smart and fashionable but also emanate the elements of grace, elegance, simplicity, and ethnicity.

The timeless Indian attire of Kurta Pajama with Nehru jacket renders a look that is a blend of tradition and modernity and at the G3+ store, you can find this combination in abundance. In addition, the attire’s contemporary element makes a great fashion statement as well.

Buy mens waistcoat online with G3+ different services

G3+ has the broad range of the latest waistcoats for men. Browse through our diverse collection and you will find blackberry waistcoat for men, tweed waistcoat for m

en, and waistcoat suits for men. If you wish to wear it for a wedding or any other wedding-related function, opt for the wedding waistcoat for men or Indian waistcoat for men.

We provide various waistcoat to our valuable clients with incredibly special online services. You can shop waistcoat for weddings and kurta with waistcoat for mens from our store via Video call or WhatsApp shopping. Also, you can visit online on our website to shop waistcoat dress for mens online. is the online platform where you will get fancy waistcoat for mens. men's waistcoat online shopping is a very safe and time-saving option. Here, we give different online services to shop for ethnic & formal waistcoat for men.

Buy stylish Mens waistcoat by WhatsApp Shopping Service

If you are finding the easier and most convenient option to shop waistcoat online, then WhatsApp shopping is the best service. our fashion expert will guide you to shop from the men's casual suit vest to embroidered waistcoat mens.

We regularly update you by offering the status of the latest waistcoats. For shopping, you can chat with us and can place the order in your free time.

Buy Mens waistcoat set via Video Shopping Service

With Video shopping, you can see the collection of trendy waistcoats from our store and our fashion assistant will guide you to Men’s formal department. Thus, you can shop waistcoat online very safely just sitting at your place.

For this, you just must take a prior appointment by filling the online form and our assistant will call you as per your suitable time and you can easily shop online diverse types of the waistcoat.

Buy Mens waistcoat Online on website

At G3+ Fashion, you will find a diverse and interesting collection of Waistcoat for men online. Jodhpuri Waistcoat, Nehru jacket patterns, Formal waistcoat and pant, Nehru jackets with kurta, and numerous other innovative styles of this versatile, classic, and trendy ethnic garment online California, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, and Many more cities of America.

The best part about owning a Nehru Jacket is that it is extremely versatile, you can wear it for various occasions, be it a cocktail party, wedding, to work, for a puja, or even a casual brunch with friends.

Shop waistcoat design for man For various Occasions

Reception wear 3-piece suit with waistcoat

The most common western dress is the 3-piece waistcoat suit or Tuxedo suit. Also, it is often heavily worn in Indian wedding receptions. In this design, there are so many varieties for 3-pieces waistcoat set. For the night reception, you may choose a contrasting waistcoat or solid waistcoat.

Jodhpuri waistcoat for Mehendi

The Jodhpuri waistcoat is very distinct because it has a bandh gala pattern. It is also known as the Nehru Jacket style. Jodhpuri waistcoat also gives you the trendy look For Mehendi, Floral Jodhpuri, Green or Pink Jodhpuri  waistcoat, Long Jodhpuri waistcoat and Side placket jodhpuri  waistcoats are a new trend.

Party wear Waistcoat for mens

A waistcoat suit is a prominent attire for the party or events. A solid waistcoat in a monochromatic look gives the stylish look to the wearer. Also, you can opt for the bow or Tie with a waistcoat. Also, G3+ provides Such solid waistcoat in USA.

Wedding wear Waistcoat and trousers

Waistcoat with several types of trousers is the first choice of Grooms, Relatives, or Bestman. You can try a waistcoat with balloon pants, Chinos, Casual pants, or Formal Pants.

Mens Kurta with waistcoat for Haldi

Waistcoat styles with Kurta pajamas have been the most demanding fashion in the wedding season for a few years. You can try different draped style Kurta with Plain or Printed waistcoats in the Haldi ceremony.

Festive wear Printed waistcoat

Prints give the impactful style statement to the wearer. A printed waistcoat makes you stand out from the crowd. Also, you can opt for the printed waistcoat with plain Pathani Kurta or Kurta Pajama for the Indian Ethnic look. Moreover, you will get distinct types of Printed waistcoats in Chicago, Milton, Atlanta, and Newark.

Also, you can try Checks Waistcoat for the formal events. Moreover, Waistcoat in Geometry prints, floral waistcoat for mens, Paisley designs, or Damask Prints gives the adorable appearance at the parties.

Shop Men's stylish Waistcoat in Different Colors

Latest Pathani suit design becomes a fashion staple at Marriages and special occasions. Also, distinct kinds of colors look very elegant.

Shop Black waistcoat and trousers

In formal and cultural events, the use of black and white colors is embraced by Men of every age. The solid black waistcoat with its simple white shirt looks so good. G3+ has several varieties such as black velvet waistcoat mens, black jodhpuri waistcoat, men's black tuxedo, and a lot.

Shop Blue waistcoat with white kurta

You may have seen Kurta with a waistcoat for a few years at Indian festivals or weddings. Wearing a blue waistcoat and a white kurta or pathani suit is a modern style. Similarly, if you are attending your close one's wedding, a white kurta with a blue waistcoat offers a subtle look.

Shop Grey waistcoat and trousers

Grey waistcoat offers the perfect western-style when it is paired with the Black trouser. In this combination, you can opt for the party and events. Also, try this for the night functions like a reception or cocktail party.

Shop Cream blazer and waistcoat

Cream Waistcoat retains its sophisticated allure. Make your whole attire a flattering look by pairing it with Cream, Black or White pants. Also, a cream jodhpuri waistcoat will go best with any dark Kurta.

Shop Solid waistcoat and pant

The matching waistcoat and trousers have a distinct space of their own. Matching colored waistcoat and pants are always in demand. You can buy a few variations for the solid waistcoat set at g3fashion. It gives you the manly look if you are groomsman.

Apart from this, you can see a lot of varieties of the black waistcoat for kurta, black and red waistcoat, blue waistcoat with jeans, and many more collection at G3+.

Shop New style Waistcoat online

For the modern or Indo western look, opt for the distinct types and styles of waistcoat in Ohio, North Carolina, Verginia, and Texas from our website

Shop Waistcoat and jeans

You can try your jeans and a t-shirt with a waistcoat. It gives the stunning look for casual gatherings or parties. Also, Guys prefers to style this look. Many celebrities like Anil Kapoor, Suraj Pancholi, and many more have seen in this style.

Shop Floral waistcoat

If you are attending Mehendi, Haldi, or any day Functions of the wedding, then try Floral waistcoat with different Kurtas. Also, a Floral waistcoat with a floral coat gives the finest appearance for the party. Also, Printed waistcoats in Stand collar are also worn with short kurta for a graceful ethnic wear focus.

Shop Nehru Jacket style waistcoat

Nehru waistcoats are so classy yet stylish. Apart from the classy V-neck waistcoat vest for men, we also store up some of the best Nehru Jacket waistcoats in fabric choices for the occasional style prominent. Mostly it is worn on diverse types of Kurta pajamas. For, the contemporary look.

Shop Single breasted waistcoat

A single-breasted waistcoat is a quite common and trendy style. Here, you will get a single button fastens on the front side. Also, you can try it over a shirt or underneath a coat.

Shop Double breasted waistcoat

Likewise, the double-breasted waistcoat has double opening buttons on the front. It offers a smart and insightful look at the marriage functions. Such waistcoats are available exclusively at and we delivered it in Reston, Mckinny, Irving, and Huston also.

Shop Long waistcoat

The Long waistcoat is so much in demand nowadays as it is worn by so many celebrities. Long waistcoat with bandh gala suits utmost on the Stylish Kurta set.

Buy Varieties of Waistcoat in different fabrics

Different fabrics of Waistcoats can be your style statement on special occasions. You can choose linen, Cotton, or Tweed waistcoat for the formal events and silk or velvet waistcoat for the Indian wedding or festive ceremonies.

Shop Linen Mens waistcoat

Linen waistcoats give the most casual look. Here, you can try Single breasted waistcoat or Horseshoe Waistcoat in Linen for the formal events. You may also try the Bandh gala linen waistcoat on plain linen kurtas for an elegant look. In addition, Saif Ali Khan has tremendous crush over linen waistcoat with kurta pajama.

Order Velvet waistcoat

You ought to try the Velvet waistcoat on a special day like a wedding or reception. With a much shinier velvet waistcoat, you will obtain the most discreet appearance. It can also be the right match with the Pathani suit or Indo western Kurta pyjama.

Shop Silk Waistcoat online

G3+ offers a lot of variety of silk waistcoat that you can style in Weddings, festivals, or any Rituals. Silk Nehru jacket style waistcoat is a great combination with different kurta sets.

Cotton waistcoat for Mens

Mostly, Cotton waistcoat is worn in casual events with shirts and casual pants. It gives the most stylish and trendy look to the wearer.

Shop Embroidered waistcoat Online

Zari work waistcoat

Zari weaving Waistcoats are so much in demand. Ethnic waistcoat or Formal waistcoat in zari motives like Paisley, damask, or Floral give the royal touch. Also, Zari threads detailing in the waistcoat gives an impressive appearance.

Kashmiri work waistcoat

Kashmiri work has exquisite workmanship with the types of designs like Paisley, Flower, Leaf, and many more. Also, the Kashmiri worked Koti or Waistcoat looks adorable in the festivals like Navratri, Diwali, and many.

Chikankari worked waistcoat

Chikankari work is a white threadwork. Chikankari worked waistcoat looks nice on the kurta pajama and Shirt as well. This work you can opt even after so many years because this is never going out of trend.

Zardosi worked waistcoat

The work of Zardosi is the queen of handwork. The best choice for the best man or wedding guest is the Minimalist Zarodsi Work embellished waistcoat.

Cut dana work on waistcoat

Cut dana is tiny and shiny beads. It is done in the form of small dots or small motives designs. In Nehru style Waistcoat, decorated collar with cut dana work draws the attention.

Shop Designer waistcoat for mens

Make your personality more stylish with designer type Waistcoat for men. For this, you can try tuxedo waistcoat, waistcoat and jeans, kurta with waistcoat, and many stylish waistcoats. G3+ is having such a designer collection of waistcoats.

Tarun Tahiliani is the renowned designer in fashion industry. Also, his contemporary designs of waistcoat are so much in trend for the wedding and festivals.

Anju Modi is renown fashion designer for her exquisite work details on the waistcoat. She highlighted highly creative trends of waistcoats like a waistcoat with drape kurta, Embroidered waistcoat with Dhoti, Waistcoat, and cowl Kurta. Similarly, you can shop such a fabulous collection of waistcoats for mens here.

Vikram Phadnis is famous for his Subtle yet regal designs of the waistcoat. He is been around 30 years in this industry. And so many actors like Sushant Singh Rajput, Riteish Deshmukh, and many actors have been spotted in waistcoat designed by him.

Get the intricate weave designs and work detailing on waistcoat like Rohit Bal’s designs. Among others, his innovative applique work patterns, hand works, and fabric range are a little distinct.

So many fashion designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, and many designers themselves spotted in waistcoat often. Their exquisite waistcoat designs flaunted so many runways and events. Moreover, you will get a similar collection at Solely provide the remarkably similar designer collection of waistcoats.

Shop Stylish Celebrity waistcoat

Pick an ensemble in solid waistcoat like Hritik Roshan. He was looking truly adorable in Black waistcoat with red and Black pathani.

Shahid Kapoor’s Waistcoat look, Varun Dhavan, and Siddharth Malhotra’s waistcoat look is the great inspiration for the wedding season.

Sanjay Dutt and Amitabh banchan are still not failing to spread their charisma in different waistcoat designs.

Also, Very Hot Ranveer Singh flaunted his style in pink waistcoat with intricate elephant zari motives during one of his wedding functions.

G3+ is the one-stop shopping place where you can get the celebrities inspired waistcoat for the special functions.

Choose the Right and Comfortable waistcoat for man

Get the stylish look in the most comfortable attire. Either it can be a formal dress with waistcoat, Casual look in a pent shirt with waistcoat, mens blazer and waistcoat, t-shirt, and waistcoat, mens waistcoat with jeans or Ethnic look in Waistcoat with Kurtas.

Shop latest waistcoat at Different Prices

Shop online at the G3+ Fashion website and you can get the latest collection of Nehru jackets and men’s waistcoats at best prices.

G3 + offers a range of waistcoats at varying costs. In just the $22 starting range, you will get a sleek and fashionable waistcoat.

Also, we have some exclusive designs of waistcoat under the range of $58 that you can team it up with different Kurtas, Pathanis and Pant- Shirt.

Shop Waistcoat By Different Size

Medium size waistcoat

We also have the best medium-sized waistcoat for pant & shirt in medium sizes, you can get diverse types and designs of waistcoat in medium size from G3+.

Large size or Extra-large size waistcoat

If you are searching for Nehru style waistcoat or formal waistcoat in large or extra-large size then G3 + have the best contemporary designs of Waistcoat in 40”-42” Chest size.

Big Size waistcoat for men

If you find trouble looking for Big size in waistcoat then visit our website to find the perfect size for you. We have a wide collection of waistcoats in 44”-46” chest size.

Shop Branded waistcoat set at

The waistcoat is that outfit which you can opt for both ethnic and formal events. G3+ offers a similar collection like immensely popular brands.

If you are a wedding guest then sober waistcoat and kurta pajama is the best option. For this, we have similar varieties like Fabindia Waistcoat.

You can get similar decent formal waistcoat like Raymond at Also, we provide heavily embellished waistcoat for men like Diwan Saheb.

Moreover, we have a similar stunning collection of partywear waistcoat and formal waistcoats like Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Blackberry, Arrows, and many more brands at G3+.

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