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Mens Kurta

G3Fashion is home to the Latest Pathani Kurta Design that is not only affordable but suitable for all occasions, from grand Indian festivals to small-gatherings as well.Less more

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Mens Kurta


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Men’s Kurta Collection

The short Pathani Kurta design is popular attire among Indian men. Despite being a traditional garment, Pathani Kurtas are paired with denim and pants to create a modern fusion aesthetic. These Kurtas are also known as Khan outfits because they are believed to have originated in Afghanistan. They were influenced by Bollywood and the styles of prominent leaders who routinely donned kurta Pathani.

With our assortment of the latest Pathani kurta design, it's time to cross traditional Indian ensembles off your wish list. We offer Pathani kurta designs in a range of colors and sumptuous fabrics, with a play on trends and traditions. Our store has the best Pathani kurta design for sale, with prices ranging from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 6,000. Discover our Pathani kurta online and have it delivered at your door; we transport this exceptional bundle to over 80 countries worldwide.

How to Select the Best Kurta Online?

Pathani kurtas with color contrast, such as black and white Pathani kurta, are recommended for tall men. To give the illusion of being taller, men of small stature should wear dark colors, such as the brown or black Pathani kurta. The occasion's location and time are also crucial factors to consider when selecting a Pathani Kurta. For a daytime occasion, white Pathani kurtas or pastel-colored kurtas are recommended. In the evenings, a darker-shade Pathani Kurta with rich embellishments or embroidery is appropriate.

Types of Men Kurta Design

  • Solid Kurta for Men

The Solid Men's Short Pathani, brimming with poise and flair, is available in a rainbow of hues at our website, leaving you spoilt for choice.

  • Printed Kurta for Men

Look à la mode in our Printed Men’s Short Pathani. Don them for your favorite Indian festivals or casual get-togethers.

  • Stripe Kurta for Men

Add a dash of style to your closet with our stripe designs. Get ready to stand out in the festive season and pave way for new fashion trends.

Men's Trending Kurta Colors


Prepare for the festive season with some of the season's most trendy shades. Green Pathani kurta adds sparkle to ordinary events, no matter what the occasion.


The white Pathani kurta is a true expression of simplicity. With a flash of color in pajamas, you may add understated vibrancy to your ensemble.


Immerse yourself in a world of sophistication and comfort. Yellow is a wonderful summer shade to add to your wardrobe.

  • NAVY

Raise your style quotient this festive season by dressing to the nines in our Navy blue Pathani kurta. Sleek and enticing, these are the ideal way to add a touch of glitz to your evening!

Why is G3+ Fashion the perfect online Store for Men’s Kurta?

  • Our products are the pinnacle of quality while remaining affordable.
  • We ship to 80+ countries across the globe.
  • Our 'Ready-to-Ship' selection ensures prompt delivery without compromising on quality or price.
  • We offer a video shopping feature via Skype or FaceTime for a seamless in-store-like virtual shopping experience.

Cities We Ship Our Ethnic Love To

We ship to many countries like India, United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, Netherlands, Fiji, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Czechia, France, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Norway, Brunei, Qatar, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Nepal, Oman, Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Peru, Brazil, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Jordan, Lithuania, Bhutan, Philippines, Portugal, and Poland.

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