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Mens Kurta Pajama

Explore G3fashion's range of men's kurta sets, featuring Chikankari, Lakhnavi, stylish black kurtas, short kurtas for office wear, and more.Less more

Mens Kurta Pajama


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Traditional Kurta Set For Men

The Men's Kurta Pajama is an embodiment of traditional Indian attire, rooted deeply in the country's cultural fabric. Originating from the Indian subcontinent, this ensemble typically comprises a traditional kurta set - a long shirt extending just above or below the knees and the pajama, a light, loose-fitting pair of trousers. Revered for its versatility, the Kurta Pajama is popular for its comfort and the dignified elegance it lends to the wearer. Its popularity cuts across various events, making it suitable for festivals, weddings, casual outings, and daily wear. The colours and fabrics vary widely, offering options from vibrant hues to subtle tones, and materials like cotton, silk, and linen cater to diverse preferences. Accessorised with shawls, waistcoats, or scarves, it encapsulates the essence of men's ethnic wear. With the advent of online shopping, these classic kurta sets have become more accessible, expanding the reach of Indian ethnic wear to a global audience.

Different Types of Men's Kurta Set

Men's kurtas have evolved into various styles, signifying a blend of tradition and contemporary fashion. The Indian kurta design for men ranges from the simplistic cotton kurta - a staple of comfort and ethnic grace - to the more ornate wedding kurta, often adorned with intricate embroideries and vibrant hues like pink. The printed kurta and pajama kurta are casual yet stylish, perfect for low-key events or daily wear. The classic kurta pyjama set stands out for more formal occasions, offering an elegant ensemble that balances tradition and modernity. Short kurtas for men and half-sleeved kurtas for men introduce a casual and contemporary edge, suitable for casual outings and semi-formal gatherings. Each type of kurta set reflects a different facet of ethnic wear, catering to diverse preferences and occasions. Whether it's a festive party wear kurta or a simple daily wear garment, the versatility of the kurta set remains unmatched in men's fashion.

Traditional Kurta Pajama

The men's Traditional Kurta Pajama set is an emblem of classic Indian elegance in men's fashion. Often chosen for ceremonies like weddings, the Haldi Kurta for men reflects cultural richness and traditional aesthetics. These sets, comprising a Kurta and Pajama, are essential in a man's ethnic wardrobe. They symbolise grace and sophistication, making them popular for traditional events. This category's elegant men's Kurta balances cultural heritage with modern tailoring, ensuring a timeless and refined look in traditional ethnic wear.

Pathani Kurta Set

The Pathani Kurta set for men is renowned for its bold and stylish appeal, a favourite among men who appreciate a fusion of traditional and modern styles. Characterised by its distinctive Pathani style, these sets often feature a straight-cut Kurta with a relaxed fit, offering comfort and a bold statement. Ideal for casual and semi-formal occasions, the men's Pathani Kurta embodies a rugged yet sophisticated look. The stylish Pathani outfit is a testament to the evolving nature of ethnic fashion, blending traditional motifs with bold Kurta design.

Kurta with Dhoti Pants

Blending the classic with the contemporary, the Kurta with Dhoti Pants set redefines traditional Indian attire. This ensemble merges the elegance of a Kurta with the uniqueness of dhoti pants, creating a distinctive ethnic style. Perfect for cultural events and festive occasions, the dhoti Kurta set stands out for its innovative style and comfort. The traditional Dhoti outfit has been modernised to suit the tastes of the fashion-forward man, offering a unique twist on traditional Indian attire.

Indo-Western Kurta Set

The Indo-Western gent's Kurta set uniquely fuses traditional Indian design with modern fashion trends, making it a popular choice for the fashion-forward man. Originating from the desire to combine ethnic and Western styles, these kurtas are known for their trendy and innovative designs. Perfect for semi-formal events and fusion-themed weddings, Indo-Western Kurtas come in various colours and fabrics, often adorned with unique embellishments. Accessories like mojaris and chic waistcoats complement this style, enhancing its fashion-forward appeal.

Sherwani Style Kurta Set

The Sherwani Style men's Kurta Set is epitomised by its regal and sophisticated nature, often selected for weddings and grand traditional events. This style, deeply rooted in the royal courts of India, is particularly favoured for weddings and grand traditional events. The Sherwani Kurta is typically made from luxurious fabrics like silk or brocade and is adorned with intricate embroidery. Paired with a matching churidar or dhoti pants, this set reflects a perfect blend of elegance and cultural heritage.

Short Kurta Set for Men

The short Kurta pajama set for men is designed for casual and contemporary ethnic wear. Originating as a more relaxed alternative to the traditional kurta, these sets are ideal for everyday wear or informal gatherings. Short kurtas are often made from breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, offering ease of movement. Available in various colours and designs, these kurtas can be paired well with jeans or chinos, making them a versatile choice for modern men.

Designer Kurta Set

The Designer Men's kurta pajama Set stands at the forefront of high-end ethnic fashion for men, reflecting a blend of meticulous craftsmanship and artistic creativity. These sets often showcase unique and exclusive designs, making them a favourite in stylish black Kurta pyjama designs. Crafted from premium fabrics, they feature exquisite embroidery or embellishments, elevating their appeal. Primarily donned at special events like weddings or high-profile parties, designer kurtas, when paired with luxurious accessories such as silk dupattas and embellished mojaris, manifest as a statement of style and sophistication.

Printed Kurta Set

The Printed kurta pajama Set for men has become a mainstay in ethnic fashion, loved for its artistic and vibrant patterns. These kurtas, originating from traditional textile arts, offer a modern twist to ethnic wear. Popular for their eye-catching designs, they come in various fabrics like cotton or silk, making them suitable for different occasions. Perfect for casual events or small gatherings, these kurtas, especially in styles like chikankari kurta for men, pair nicely with plain pajamas or churidars, complemented by simple sandals or mojaris.

Festival Special Kurta Set

Festival Special Kurta Sets are the epitome of celebratory ethnic wear. Originating from India's rich cultural tapestry, these kurtas are designed with festive and traditional motifs, making them popular for occasions like Diwali or Eid. Available in various colours and fabrics like silk or velvet, they often feature intricate embroidery or mirror work. Paired with matching pyjamas or dhotis and accessorised with traditional footwear and maybe a stole, they embody the festive spirit, similar to the Lakhnavi kurta for men.

Stripe Kurta Set

The Stripe Kurta Set is a testament to the blend of traditional ethnic wear with modern fashion sensibilities. Originating as a stylish variation in men's ethnic wear, these kurtas have gained popularity for their sleek and stylish appearance. Made from comfortable fabrics like linen or cotton, they are suited for formal and casual settings. The minimalist pattern of stripes adds a contemporary edge, making them a fashionable choice for events where a touch of modernity is desired. These kurtas can be paired with contrasting pajamas or jeans for a complete look.

Men's Kurta Sets for Every Occasion

Men's Kurta Sets have evolved to suit every occasion, blending traditional styles with contemporary designs. For weddings, a modern Kurta pajama with jacket offers a sophisticated and regal look, often crafted in luxurious fabrics like silk. The classic Lucknowi Kurta, with its intricate embroidery, is a perfect choice for cultural events, exuding elegance. For casual outings or daily wear, cotton kurtas in versatile colours like black, blue, navy blue, and yellow provide comfort without compromising on style. Each kurta set can be paired with matching or contrasting bottoms, making them suitable for diverse events, from formal gatherings to relaxed social meetups.

Haldi Kurta For Men

The Haldi function Kurta, a pivotal part of pre-wedding ethnic wear, is deeply rooted in traditional Indian ceremonies. Known for its vibrant yellow hue, this Kurta symbolises purity and festivity. Typically crafted from silk, these kurtas may feature hand-painted or embroidered designs, often with Lucknowi artistry. Worn by grooms and attendees during the Haldi ceremony, these premium kurtas blend cultural significance with ceremonial elegance, making them popular for their blend of tradition and style.

Engagement Kurta for Men

Men's Engagement Kurta embodies sophistication in ethnic attire. Tailored for formal engagement events, these kurtas balance elegance and cultural ethos. Colours like blue, red, and pink add diversity, while options like jackets or short kurtas offer style flexibility. Preferred fabrics include silk, elevating the kurta's overall appeal. This ethnic ensemble, ideal for ring ceremonies, resonates with the modern groom's desire for a traditional yet stylish outfit.

Wedding Kurta For Men

Designer wedding Kurta, specially designed for the groom, is a testament to regal wedding attire. Made from luxurious fabrics like silk, these kurtas are often paired with waistcoats or Kotis, enhancing their elegant appeal. They come in various colours, including cream and royal blue, often adorned with heavy Chikankari work. Popular in various Indian cultures, including Punjabi and Kerala styles, these kurtas are chosen for their rich, traditional aesthetic, perfect for the grandeur of Indian weddings.

Festive Kurta For Men

The Festive Kurta outfit for gents is a vibrant representation of traditional festival attire. Originating from the cultural depths of India, these kurtas are often adorned with intricate Lakhnavi embroidery, symbolising craftsmanship and heritage. They are popular for their colourful and joyous appeal, worn during various festivals and celebrations. Made in a plethora of colors and fabrics, these kurtas are paired with complementing churidars or pajamas and accessorised with ethnic footwear and dupattas, making them a popular choice for their blend of tradition and festivity.

Casual Kurta For Men

Casual Kurta for daily wear has evolved as a staple in everyday ethnic fashion. They originated as a simpler version of traditional Indian attire, gaining popularity for their comfort and versatility. These kurtas come in various fabrics like cotton and linen, offering ease for daily wear. The style ranges from plain to minimal prints, making them suitable for regular outings, office wear, or small gatherings. Paired with jeans or pyjamas and complemented with casual footwear, these kurtas blend traditional aesthetics with the modern casual style, making them a favoured choice for their practicality and relaxed fashion statement.

Various Shades of Kurta Pajamas:

Kurta Pajamas, an epitome of traditional Indian attire, are not just about style and design; they celebrate colours. Each shade embodies a different mood and occasion. White kurtas, often synonymous with purity and peace, are a classic choice for religious events. The richness of brown and the tranquillity of green kurtas make them perfect for festive occasions and celebrations. Silk kurtas, in hues like royal blue or vibrant red, add a touch of luxury and are often chosen for weddings. Whether it's the simplicity of plain kurtas or the elegance of ones with intricate jacket designs, the spectrum of colours in Kurta Pajamas caters to every taste and event, from daily wear to grand ceremonies.


The white kurta pajama for men is a timeless and versatile outfit, embodying elegance in its simplicity. It's often chosen for religious ceremonies and spiritual gatherings because it symbolises purity and peace. The classic white kurta can be paired with a colourful dupatta or a stylish jacket for a sophisticated look. It's perfect for events like Diwali or Eid, where its understated elegance complements the festive atmosphere.


The regal maroon kurta pajama is a sophisticated ethnic shade, ideal for weddings and grand festivities. This rich ethnic shade adds a touch of royal elegance to any event. Maroon kurtas often feature intricate embroidery or embellishments, making them stand out in a crowd. They are best paired with gold accessories and can be worn with a contrasting dupatta or jacket for added flair. Ideal for traditional ceremonies or family gatherings, the maroon kurta is a symbol of richness and celebration.


A bold red kurta is the epitome of vibrant ethnic wear, perfect for making a statement. Ideal for festive occasions like Holi or cultural celebrations, its eye-catching hue symbolises joy and energy. Red kurtas can range from bright scarlet to deep crimson, often adorned with contrasting embroidery or prints. Pair it with white or black pajamas for a striking contrast, or choose a matching red for a monochromatic look. Accessorise with simple jewellery to let the kurta be the centrepiece.


The soothing blue kurta pajama, whether in royal or dark blue shades, offers a stylish yet calming presence in ethnic wear. It's popular for casual gatherings, family events, or even semi-formal occasions. The versatility of blue allows it to be paired with various accessories and bottoms, like white pajamas or denim for a fusion look. Lighter shades are perfect for day events, while darker tones suit evening functions. This colour represents tranquillity and can be enhanced with subtle embroidery or patterns for a more sophisticated look.

Elegant Black:

The stylish black kurta pajama is timeless, perfect for sophisticated gatherings and evening events. Its universal appeal makes it suitable for all ages and complements any skin tone. Black kurta sets often feature intricate designs or subtle embellishments, enhancing their elegance. This outfit can be paired with contrasting or matching black pajamas. Adding a colourful dupatta or a statement jacket can further elevate the look. Ideal for formal occasions, cocktail events, or even as a groom's outfit at weddings, the black kurta remains a classic choice in men's ethnic fashion.

Bright Yellow:

A yellow Haldi kurta for men is a cheerful and vibrant choice, commonly worn during the Haldi ceremony in Indian weddings. The bright yellow hue symbolises happiness and celebration, making it a popular choice for festivals like Haldi, Diwali, or spring festivals. The yellow kurta can be adorned with minimal embroidery or mirror work, adding a playful touch. Pair it with contrasting pajamas like white or cream for a balanced look. Accessorising with traditional mojaris and a simple stole can complete this festive attire.

Pastel Shades:

Pastel shade kurtas, encompassing soft colours like lilac, mint, and peach, offer a trendy and refreshing twist to traditional ethnic wear. These soft-coloured outfits are perfect for daytime events, summer weddings, or casual gatherings. They bring a modern yet elegant vibe, especially with light-coloured pajamas or churidars. Embellishments should be minimal to maintain the kurta's subtlety. Complement these shades with light accessories and neutral footwear to create a harmonious and contemporary ethnic look.

Earthy Browns and Beiges:

Kurtas in earthy browns and beige are excellent choices for those who prefer subtle-toned outfits. These natural shades are ideal for outdoor events, cultural festivals, or family gatherings. They exude a grounded and approachable feel while maintaining a traditional aesthetic. These colours are versatile and can be paired with matching or contrasting pajamas. Accessorising with simple leather sandals or mojaris and a coordinating stole can enhance the earthy appeal of these kurtas. Beige and brown kurtas can also be adorned with light embroidery or prints for added texture.

Fabrics for Kurta for Men

Exploring the fabrics in men's kurta reveals a diverse palette. Chikan fabric is celebrated for its intricate embroidery, ideal for a short kurta or traditional wear. Georgette lends a light, airy feel, perfect for semi-formal events. Silk fabric radiates luxury and is often chosen for festive or wedding kurtas. The versatility of printed kurta pyjama set in various colours like green and white showcases the rich fabric choices available, each offering distinct textures and styles to suit different occasions and personal preferences.


Cotton is a go-to kurta fabric, especially for its breathability and comfort. Ideal for daily wear, cotton kurtas come in a variety of styles, including the popular chikan kurta for men and half-sleeve kurta for men. These kurtas are perfect for casual outings or semi-formal events like Haldi and Engagement ceremonies. Cotton kurtas can be styled in multiple colours as a cotton short kurta pajama set, offering both comfort and a dash of traditional elegance. The fabric's versatility makes it a staple in men's ethnic wear.


Silk kurtas are synonymous with luxury and elegance. Preferred for weddings and formal events, silk kurtas exude sophistication. The fabric's natural sheen enhances the kurta's appeal, making it an ideal choice for men's wedding kurta. Silk kurtas in solid black, white, or gold are particularly regal and can be paired with contrasting pajamas or churidars for a striking ensemble. The fabric's smooth texture ensures comfort while maintaining a high-end look, perfect for grand celebrations.


Linen is a natural fabric known for its comfort and breathability, making it ideal for linen short kurtas for men. Linen kurtas are great for casual events or daily wear due to their relaxed yet stylish appeal. The fabric's lightweight nature provides ease of movement, making it a comfortable choice for long hours. Linen kurtas can be found in various colours, often tailored as half sleeve kurtas for men, and are suitable for both traditional and modern styles.


Khadi is an eco-friendly fabric that carries a sense of authenticity and simplicity. Khadi kurtas for men are unique in their texture and are often associated with traditional Indian heritage. These kurtas come in earthy tones like black, white, yellow, and orange, reflecting a connection with nature. Khadi kurtas are suitable for cultural events and gatherings and can also be worn as everyday ethnic attire, offering a blend of comfort and traditional aesthetics.


Georgette kurtas are known for their lightweight and flowy characteristics. This fabric adds an element of elegance and grace to men's ethnic wear. Georgette kurtas for men are ideal for semi-formal events, parties, and festive occasions. They come in vibrant colours like pink and royal blue, providing a visually appealing and stylish look. The fabric's slight translucency and softness make it a comfortable choice while maintaining a sophisticated and elegant appearance.

Styling Tips For Kurta Pajama for Men

Mastering the art of wearing Kurta Pajama involves more than selecting a piece. It's about understanding the nuances of wedding elegance, Diwali celebrations, and the refined subtleties of chikankari kurta or lucknowi kurta designs. The right pajama fitting and wedding kurta designs can elevate your look, whether it's in classic black or pristine white. Here are some expert styling tips:

Choose the Right Fit

Select a perfect-fit kurta that flatters your body type. Tailored kurta sets ensure comfort and elegance in men's ethnic wear.

Colour Coordination

Experiment with colour matching in ethnic wear. Opt for coordinated kurta sets with stylish colour combinations to enhance the outfit's appeal.

Accessorise Wisely

Elevate your look by accessorising your kurta pajama. Choose ethnic wear accessories that complement your kurta style.

Footwear Selection

Pick the right footwear for kurta. Traditional mojaris work well, ensuring your footwear matches your ethnic wear.

Layering with Jackets

Add dimension to your attire by layering ethnic wear with Nehru jackets over a kurta for a stylish layered look.

Selecting the Right Fabric

Choose kurta fabrics wisely. Opt for comfortable ethnic fabrics suitable for the season.

Playing with Prints and Patterns

Explore various printed kurta styles and patterned kurta designs for a trendy ethnic look.

Headgear for Traditional Touch

Incorporate traditional headgear like a turban with kurta for a culturally rich look.

Proper Length of Kurta

Ensure you have the ideal kurta length. Traditional kurta styles should have the correct length for your height.

Minimalist Approach

Adopt a minimalist approach in ethnic wear. Choose simple kurta designs for an elegant, understated look.

Statement Dupatta

Make a bold statement with ethnic scarves for men. Pair your kurta with a vibrant dupatta.

Experiment with Collar Styles

Try different kurta collar styles. Modern neck designs for kurta can add a contemporary twist to traditional wear.

Kurta Set With Accessories

Enhancing a Kurta for men with the right accessories can transform a traditional outfit into a style statement. Here's how to accessorise a kurta set effectively:


Opt for footwear for Kurta, like traditional Mojari or modern ethnic footwear styles, to complete your look.

Stoles and Scarves

Enhance your kurta with stoles or scarves. Accessorising with stoles adds elegance and style.

Wrist Accessories

Elevate your ensemble with wrist accessories for men. Pair bracelets or stylish watches with Kurta for a sophisticated touch.


Adorn your attire with headgear-like turbans with Kurta for a traditional yet stylish look.

Waistcoats and Nehru Jackets

Layer your kurta with Nehru Jackets or stylish ethnic waistcoats. Layering with Nehru jackets offers a chic appeal.

Belt or Kamarband

Add a belt for Kurta or a traditional Kamarband. These ethnic belts for men provide a refined silhouette.

Pocket Squares

Incorporate pocket squares for ethnic wear. Kurta pocket accessories like stylish pocket squares add a touch of sophistication.

Brooches and Pins

Decorate your kurta with ethnic brooches or lapel pins for Kurta. These decorative pins for ethnic wear enhance the outfit's charm.


Use cufflinks for Kurta, especially with ethnic cufflinks on a French cuff Kurta for a polished appearance.


Adorn your fingers with elegant rings for ethnic wear. Choose from traditional rings or modern ring styles.


Pair your ethnic outfit with modern sunglasses. Stylish eyewear and modern sunglasses for men add a contemporary edge.


Select appropriate bags for ethnic wear, like sophisticated leather bags for men or clutch bags for formal events.

Trending Style & Design for Kurta Set in 2024

As we enter 2024, trending Kurta styles blend tradition and modernity. The year's highlights include the timeless pajama paired with vibrant yellow kurta sets, perfect for festive occasions like Mehndi. Kurta shalwar kameez remains a classic choice, offering elegance for formal events. The Mehndi kurta dress with intricate mirror work exemplifies artisanal beauty, while Indo Western kurtas bring a contemporary twist to traditional wear. For weddings, luxurious mirror work on white kurta sets stands out alongside the ever-popular salwar kameez, which continues to be a staple in men's ethnic fashion.

Buy Kurta for Men at G3fashion

Discover the epitome of ethnic elegance with G3fashion's exclusive collection of men's kurtas. Whether you're looking for a pajama set for a traditional event or a black kurta for a sophisticated evening, our range offers it all. Explore various colours, from vibrant yellow and green to calming grey and blue kurta options. Our silk kurta selections are perfect for weddings, while the cotton kurta range caters to everyday comfort. Make a statement with floral embroidered designs, or choose a straight kurta for a contemporary look. With online Kurta shopping at G3fashion, experience the convenience of choosing from various styles right from home. Embrace the latest in Men's fashion Kurtas, with options like a regal purple kurta or a versatile grey kurta, each piece promising quality and style. Shop now at G3fashion for an unmatched ethnic wardrobe.

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