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Van Heusen

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Van Heusen


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Van Heusen Mens Clothes

Van Heusen is a premium lifestyle brand well-known around the world for men’s wear, which has its roots in America, bringing the corporate style to be dignified fashion and comfort for all eventual needs and occasions. The classic business wear, loungewear, ceremonial dress-up, casual wear for men, give a complete wardrobe to a man for all certain events and situations.

PVH corporation is the leading American company in the production of branded shirts where Van Heusen shirts have emerged to become the best corporate dressing shirts all over the world, and having a classy collection for men to wear for different purposes gives a versatile wardrobe styling. Madura Fashion & Lifestyle brought a few international premium brands available in India. Bringing Van Heusen men’s styling and comfortable fashion was a great success, especially for the business class, who were looking for a fitness brand for them to explore.


Van Heusen has a collection for men that makes them feel luxurious and confident in the premium brand shirts, coats, suits, formal pants, winter wear, travel wear collection, casual fashion incorporates touch, available for them. Come out of the boring business wear into the fashionable wear in the work style segment of apparel.

G3fashions has a wide range of products in men’s wear in the Van Heusen brand, showing corporate wear in magnificent styles to give comfort. Shop with us online at Van Heusen and apparel and get your classy wear at the run of fashion. Encrypting the brand's fame for the men’s apparel line with confidence and more creativity, Van Heusen reaches the hearts of the corporate public.

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